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  1. You're quite right when I read it again. Six would be the minimum. My tv spare is under the vehicle. I haven't checked the air pressure in that tire ever! Side note, some car manufacturers don't even have spare tires. My brother and sister have Teslas. No spare tire! Thanks for pointing that out about the Ollie spare.
  2. Bill (Topgun) also suggested that. It's a very good idea that I didn't even consider before he mentioned it.
  3. Good advice. The TST has an anti- theft feature for the sensors so I hope they aren't stolen as they're not cheap. I hadn't thought about the spare tire.
  4. Makes sense as four sensors are cheaper than eight. Thanks
  5. In looking at TPMS for the trailer that we are getting in November, I like the TST 507 tpms. It gives both tire pressure and temperature of the trailer tires and an audible warning when limits are exceeded. My vehicle has a tpms which lights up when the pressure is low. I like the idea of monitoring all tires (8) on truck and trailer. Is that overkill? Do you all just monitor the trailer and rely on the vehicle system for pressure only? Thanks in advance for your suggestions.
  6. We will definitely get a TPMS. Is that something that you get in Hohenwald or will OTT put that in? It's not an option so I assume it's on us to install. If we put it in, I figure it's probably one more thing that I need to buy to bring to Tennessee when we pick up in November.
  7. "But I still do the math and wonder how far I can travel by other means on $150+k (tow vehicle + Oliver). Not to mentioned the fuel, insurance, maintenance costs (+$10/yr?)." I wrestled with that also. I did order an Oliver for November delivery as the places that appeal to me don't have hotels near them. RV parks don't appeal to me. Established campgrounds also aren't appealing. This trailer will be best suited to BLM land, COE camping areas, forest service spots. Basically I can go where most can't. I totally understand your reasoning too.
  8. You and I are both happy that we didn't wait until 2023. We almost did wait. If we had, I doubt that we would have bought. My wife had a hard time with the 2022 price.
  9. What considerations do we need to take with a heater and the fiberglass floor and walls? Do you place it on an insulating surface?
  10. What bedding did you order? We have a November 7 delivery date and I just started buying a few small items. With supply issues I need to get busy!
  11. Mike or Carol, is there a stove that can be both a grill and a griddle? I like the idea of a fire pit in the clam. I suppose that's one thing that happens at a rally. You can learn a lot!
  12. We were on the fence for a 2022, but decided in January to order a 2022. Our pick up is November 7 so I imagine that all 2022 production slots have been taken by now. I am glad we didn't wait longer.
  13. Looks good and compact. It's unavailable at the moment.
  14. "First I might try 3M double sticky tape as the glue is still stuck on the fiberglass panel which is not that smooth, but the glue surface does look smooth and the other part has a smooth surface" Good idea. 3M makes some great products and you make a good point.
  15. I hadn't thought about the getting down on hands and knees. One person uses it as a dirty clothes hamper. That would work as a one way use. Open the door, throw clothes into a milk crate. When it's full, go outside and pull the crate out.
  16. We like to sleep in a cool room, so your approach is what I would do.
  17. That's good to know. It looks like it would be useful for eating at or playing games.
  18. I may go with the Lagun table side mount that someone here makes, but it seems most people don't use the table much. Foy makes a nice wooden table top so I may do that in the future.
  19. I am just trying to get my option list figured out before August. Are you going with the basement access door?
  20. That sounds useful. It's not a terribly expensive option (in the grand scheme). What heater do you have? I read that some people have a Vornado heater that they can plug in when they have power. Maybe yours just fits the dimensions of that spot, maybe it goes into a milk crate. Those crates are popular in that basement it appears.
  21. We need to finalize our options list by August. In looking at the basement access door, it looks quite small. There's also access to the basement under the streetside bed. I wonder how useful that access door is. I can see a couple benefits; open it up in cold weather to get more warm air between the hulls, and a place to put small items like shoes or slippers. Do any of you owners have that option and was it worth it? I will probably be asking lots of questions. Sorry in advance!
  22. I rode self contained from San Diego to New Brunswick, Canada in 2019. We did immediately start climbing too. In April, two of us are starting from the same area (Carlsbad) riding to Portland, Maine. I have thought of using the Ollie the same way to ride some great portions. Maybe a Brompton folding bike to store in the tv. I don't like the idea of having it on the back getting grit in the chain because it is on a bike rack.
  23. As OTT has ramped up production, are we seeing more quality issues? We pick up ours in November. I do plan to stick around for a few days to check everything out. My pick up day is a Monday so we can correct anything before leaving. I thought they had a quality control inspection as the trailer is being built.
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