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  1. Thanks. I am in Denver waiting to continue on to Oregon as soon as the weather improves. My wife flew back a couple days ago as she has to be back at work on Monday. John
  2. John, I have winterized and just have the refrigerator on auto with no gas on. The only two draws on the lithium batteries are the refrigerator and the battery heater. I am in Denver where it was 25 and sunny. The batteries are at 100% on the lithium pro package. Yesterday I was just hooked up to an extension cord and a 30>15 amp plug and the only thing it was charging was the battery. As I understand it you're spot on. The 30 amp service lets you have more things on, but you can plug into just a regular outlet and use the 30>15 amp plug. As soon as the snow stops and the roads are good, I will continue on to Oregon.
  3. Not hard in Missouri! Driving there was like being on a roller coaster!
  4. I sloped mine so the nose was up. I think it's on the curb side (that's where the valve is) so maybe a tilt to make the curb side lower might.help too. Correct me if I am wrong. John
  5. We were in Salina, Kansas and we were comfortable at 21° at night. the Truma Varioheat seems to do a good job. We have the bathroom door closed at night and it's only a little cooler than the main cabin. I haven't tried the nighttime mode on the furnace. I wasn't bothered by the sound of the furnace. I leave Denver hopefully tomorrow after getting our 2017 Ford Expedition fixed. It misfired under load, like going up hills, from Tennessee to Denver. It turned out to be a cracked #3 spark plug. They replaced all of them. I am hoping for a nicer drive to Portland. How are you doing? John
  6. The interstates have been good except when we crossed into Colorado from Kansas it went from great to bad. What's up with Colorado? They should have a good tax base to keep their roads up. If Kansas can do it, I don't see why Colorado can't. John
  7. I have the Truma package. Last night we camped in Kansas with 22° as our night-time low. The Truma Varioheat works great. It keeps a steady temperature by varying the fan speed. There's also a night time mode that's quieter, but I wasn't bothered by it. We had no condensation in the morning. The inside walls only felt cool. Oliver makes a great trailer. Very happy with #1290 so far. John
  8. We have #1290 and chose the Truma package. It was $3850 more. OTT said we are the first number with the Truma package. They made a binder with the Truma furnace and Truma A/C for us. We also have the Victron controller. I didn't realize that#1292 was the last 2022. We ordered on January 28 so this year the production slots filled up very fast.
  9. No worries. I figured it out. I had a gas stop device on the tank and I may not have primed it correctly after turning the gas back on. It was dark. One thing that might be useful would be a light over the tank area. Tonight I removed that gas stop and hooked up the gas line directly. The Truma heater started up with no problem. So much to learn! John, 1290
  10. Cold tonight and we get a E2h. Anyone have a clue. Gas is on. This error code means flame not detected, gas cylinder empty. The propane is on. Not sure why it won't start. John, hull 1290
  11. Kirk and Carrie, I remember when we had 4 weeks to go. It goes fast. Enjoy your new trailer when you get it. John
  12. I think you'll like it. It exceeded my expectations. We leave David Crockett on the 11th for Missouri. I think you're coming here in the afternoon of the 11th. Have a great time. The Oliver people have been very helpful. John
  13. Steve and Deb, but who's counting eh?! 😂🤣 We get to test its cold weather abilities starting in two days. Cold down into the teens at night. It's been 75°+ but that will be a memory soon. John
  14. I think it must be the Truma hot water heater. I may try it on Eco tonight. It comes from that area and not the pantry area. John
  15. We do have the Truma package with the hot water heater. I have it set on comfort now. I just was wondering what the sound was. Thanks. John
  16. Mike, I am trying to just set the time on various systems to start with to get my feet wet. Fortunately the microwave was easy, like the one at home. John
  17. Bill, I bought Rejex, microfiber towels and dryer sheets. I thought I would apply some Rejex to the front before leaving Tennessee. It's warm now until we leave on Friday, at which point it drops into the teens at night on our route home. Probably need to winterize before we go. I was hoping the cold weather would hold off. John
  18. Hi all or hi y'all, we picked up #1290 on Monday and we're at David Crockett plugged in to shore power. Every half hour or so there's a 10 second humming from something turning on or off. Refrigerator? Converter? It's from the middle of the trailer. Any ideas. I am sure it's normal and it's not very loud. TIA John
  19. Thanks very much for your message. I have always highly regarded your comments as valuable as you are long-time owners. We look forward to getting to know all the systems. So far, it's exceeded my expectations. John and Debbie
  20. Your delivery date will be here soon. March of 2023 if I recall.
  21. Hi y'all. We left Hohenwald today and drove to David Crockett State Park. It towed great behind our 2017 Ford Expedition EL with heavy duty tow package. There were some steep (to my surprise) sections and it pulled OK. We will be going over the Rockies so that will be a good test. So far, I am very pleased with Oliver.
  22. Hi y'all. We left Hohenwald today and drove to David Crockett State Park. It towed great behind our 2017 Ford Expedition EL with heavy duty tow package. There were some steep (to my surprise) sections and it pulled OK. We will be going over the Rockies so that will be a good test. So far, I am very pleased with Oliver.
  23. "The downside of that orientation is that you have to reach across the front burner to utilize the back burner." My wife is concerned about that as well. It appears that many people cook outside, so that may be what we'll do also. Our tent trailer had an outside high pressure two burner stove that attached to the outside wall of the trailer that we used most of the time. We brought our Coleman two burner portable stove, a dark green unit that has a cover that we bought about 35 years ago when we tent camped. We have propane cannisters but maybe we can connect to the quick connects on the trailer. John
  24. John I am visiting our grandson in Denver on the way to Hohenwald. He has a cup with a lid that makes it difficult to spill. I can get the name of it if you're interested. 😂🤣 John
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