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  1. WE asked Phil for a hull number so we could know how far along they are commng, I'm sure you could contact Oliver and request a Hull # assignment.
  2. I too am feeling LITTLE NERVOUS about OLIVERS quality control. I hope they are and do work on achieving resolution of these defects, For a almost 90K trailer. Given that they must be producing a lot more units than in the past they hopefully well solve the Quality problem. They eliminated the stripe option to save time and money! we were told. Hope they invest in a little more Quality Control. We're buying our Oliver in June 2022 # 1131. Well be making a through list for sure when ours becomes available . Thx everybody for posting problems so we can throughly check it out on pick up.
  3. Thanks for the advice, reading here on the forums , Looks like I'll be going through it throughly! to find defects, i believe we well be camping out at the Oliver factory as the are almost finished with their new site. Hopefully all well be good though!
  4. We're Todd and Laurie Hoffman from Maryland, !1August 2021, Hull 1131 well be ours next June 2022, Hopefully time well fly by until then! It well be our 3rd RV, Really impressed with the Build quality, hopefully Oliver well keep it up! unlike all the best of the company's out there. Love the dry camping potential ! still debating lithium pro vs lithium platinum though. really like the large reserve of the platinum setup and ability to run the AC as needed. We look forward to joining the Oliver get-togethers and meeting other Oliver owners!
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