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  1. Oddly, I didn't know how to change this...thanks.
  2. 1 Question: This may seem stupid, but when the furnace is on, is it normal for the A/C to be blowing? Just wondering, making sure that this is normal. 2 Comment: When we re-do our duct-work, should we try to use stiff, irrigation type hose, due to the lower co-efficient of friction over a foil/wire duct? I believe that a smaller diameter tube could be used, with less internal air-to-surface friction and have greater air-push velocity, all things being equal. I've seen that on some higher end air-conditioner systems in some modern houses. Does that make sense? Possibly substitute some
  3. Hey Fellow Ollies: It's been a while, since I got on here: A few bullets: RIP Mr. Oliver, and thank you or bringing the Oliver Travel Trailers to the world. I picked up my trailer from the axle place in September, then took it to Oliver in Hohenwald for the fiberglass repair work around September 15 2019 (crazy huh), the Oliver had it done by Oct or so, I can't quite recall at this time. But, work, ice and family obligations prohibited me from picking it up and I had it on my schedule in March, but COVID. Longstory short, I picked #129 up earlier this week. Jason, Ani
  4. Could be a lethal combination for someone following that dude up a steep gradient. Ouch. Nice pick.
  5. I think the graphics should be kept, maybe selectively deleted based upon a 5 star rating system.in general, delete the lower stars after a set amount of time, but keep the blue chip ones, which would be generally viewed as more valuable, and therefore, protected from automated deletion.
  6. Going down to pick up my trailer from the axle place and take it to Hohenwald for fiberglass work. The axles were orginally ordered but didn't meet spec, so a new set had to be ordered....we'll see how see she looks. I think it sits up a couple inches higher now, due to the axles which were available from Dexter...The tested it, says it pulls very nicely...they're a little heavier, so might be a touch different. Have DeWalt Torque wrench and assorted sockets/extensions. Think I'll be set-up nicely. Probably crash in the OTT at the office, and turn it in early Tuesday AM. We'll see
  7. https://www.ruralking.com/dewalt-1-2-in-torque-wrench-dwmt75462?utm_medium=cpc&utm_source=google&utm_campaign=shopping&utm_content=24460292&gclid=CjwKEAjw__fnBRCNpvH8iqy4xl4SJAC4XERPuNvj_4ZjzB2KOLnYuwcf37qVCmmsh0Lpy0foavdwthoC1Wzw_wcB Saw that Dewalt tools now offers a 1/2 inch drive torque wrench...looks pretty good. around $100. v/r, Vector
  8. There are some good size people who actually do that..w/ a dog. I don't, but everyone has their own space needs. For example, I could only do it, if I played 2 or 3 rounds of golf a week..:) Everybody is different brother.
  9. Now that's interesting, i just bought 4 AGMs from OTT to replace my kaput ones...so if i buy a suitcase solar panel (i already have the mounted ones) maybe I can get those off of the taxes...hmm...Great Idea., thanks. https://news.energysage.com/congress-extends-the-solar-tax-credit/
  10. Great information. Three things: Like Overland alluded, you can mount them in any physical position, since they will not "leak." They also do not off-gas, so you could conceivable mount them in the basement or in an otherwise unorthodox location, presuming your wiring had good pathways. I've also researched them, and hope that competition and a more evolved product life-cycle (no pun intended) will bring about some price decreases. v/r, Vector
  11. Everything looks to be going well. Going to have a local semi-truck axle, trailer outfit fix the axles and, just like you suggest, it is most likely going back to Oliver to be gone over. Jason and the Oliver crew have been good in this matter, just a bit delayed insurance (normal) and being occupied by the rally, which is just a timing thing. I look forward to it being back to mint condition and am glad that it looks like Oliver will do the fiberglass work and check over any other work. Appreciate all the good advice from everyone.
  12. Fellow Oliver Owners: Interested in camping outside Yellowstone at the Yellowstone Edge RV Park? It's a premium park, 30 miles outside Yellowstone NP on the Yellowstone River. There is an open spot from 30 May to 6 June if you call pretty quick. I booked these about 11 months ago, so it may be a good opportunity for ya'all. Due to the left two wheels flying off my Ollie and subsequent repairs, etc., the trailer won't be repaired for a few weeks, minimum. So, this lovely RV park, comes highly recommended from my awesome Aunt Linda, has openings. One closed door may open some camping o
  13. Bill, thanks for the post. Do you have the Dexter Part # for the 5200# axle? If i have axle damage, I may go ahead and upgrade to the 5200. The braking power of the 5200 seems like an attractive element of that set-up. You pretty happy with the 5200s? thanks kindly, Vector/Lanham
  14. Well, my situation 'is this: I was exactly 200 miles away from the Oliver facility in Hohenwald, between Jackson and Cape Girardeau, Missouri when the event transpired. One hub''s lug bolts sheered off (possible over tightening), I think this wheel came off first., I felt a jolt here, and that makes sense. ~1 to 4 miles later, the other hub's lug bolts appeared to have not been tightened or loosened up possibly, and those lug nuts came off lug bolts, followed by the wheel at 70mph on I-55. I thought i hit a pot hole, but further thought, I think it was highly probable that
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