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  1. It also includes any dealer installed options. They're supposed to update the plate on your vehicle to reflect the added weight but this doesn't always happen.
  2. The driver is not included in payload capacity either.
  3. That's a new one on me.. I was always told that payload is the difference between GVW Gross Vehicle Weight and Curb Weight. Curb weight including fuel, fluids, and all options on the truck but no passengers or added loads.
  4. The idea is that if moisture builds, it will form between the hull and the air gap on the bottom of the underlayment. The underlayment is a vapor barrier so that no moisture can penetrate through to the bottom of the cushions. I have a dehumidifier that is always on set at 50% or below so that should quickly remove any condensation that forms. If not, I'll add another section along the walls behind the upper cushions to increase airflow and give any moisture another route to escape. This underlayment is also a thermal barrier so moisture shouldn't ever build in the top pockets. "Shouldn't", we shall see..
  5. Well, got around to installing the DMX-1 Step underlayment and very happy with the results. Lays flat right from the roll and was easy to cut and fit. About $30 worth of materials and (I think) it will perform better than Hypervent. Time will tell..
  6. Looking at used Land Cruiser's right now and most of them that I'm interested in are selling over original sticker.
  7. I have some of this DMX-1 Step underlayment leftover from a flooring project and I'm thinking of installing it under the cushions in my Ollie. I'm fairly certain that it will allow more than enough airflow to prevent condensation under the cushions plus it is a moisture and thermal barrier too. Additionally, it's much thinner than Hypervent and only costs around 70 cents per square foot. Any thoughts, pro or con? Seems to be a superior solution to me, but maybe I'm missing something? https://dmx1step.com/
  8. They're readily available in the electrical dept at any Lowes/Home Depot and on Amazon.
  9. Was just going by the weight specs on their website. They'd be smart to include the optional towing package capacity in those specs..
  10. Looks like towing capacity is only in the 4k range for most models. Personally, I wouldn't even attempt it.
  11. Maybe a difference in base build? Looks like my link to the 2009 prices is broken so attached the pdf with base and option prices. elite_22(1).pdf
  12. Our LE2 came with Corian-Type counter tops and I love them, though my wife doesn't and thinks they look cheap compared to the current counter tops.
  13. The very first LE2's in 2009 had a base of $42,999 which in today's dollars would be approximately 60k. So about 13.5k increase in base model cost over inflation. If base equipment from back then is compared to 2023 that number will obviously drop much further. 2009 Elite II Brochure
  14. Love the pipe cleaner idea and will use that whenever we're traveling. Had some issues with occasional small leaks from the windows myself while stored, but after a good track cleaning, and adding a piece of Saran Wrap on the window that also overlaps the window track, I've had zero problems. I think the biggest issue with Ollie windows is that small debris can get past that small gap between the outside rubber seal and the glass that eventually builds up to the point that where it blocks the weep holes. For me, the Saran wrap has solved that issue. Might start using a piece of window film instead for a solution that lasts longer and is reusable.
  15. No Reflectix insulation in my 2010 either, but it does have the sprayed on "LizardSkin" which I'm told works even better as a reflective barrier. Haven't had it in cold weather conditions yet, but it along with the air gap seems to do the job very well in direct sunlight and 90+ temps.
  16. Same here, but still no payload specs on it that I can find. Only ads touting the towing capacity...
  17. Yeah, he went into it knowing that they had no low temp charge sensor, but he already had battery heat pad and battery temp sensor wired to his charge controller so that wasn't an issue to him. I'll be watching closely how they work out. Have good AGM's right now, but looking to upgrade to LiFePO4 and adding solar in the next year or so.
  18. I hope they find a way to reduce their prices... Good quality Chinese battery prices keep coming down. A friend of mine recently purchased (2) Ampere Time 300ah batteries for just over 1k each.
  19. I'm fairly certain that under the right circumstances condensation between the hulls can do the same thing. I had an occasional small drip coming from 2 of my windows until I started making an effort to keep the humidity down inside. Once I did, the dripping ceased.
  20. Honestly, I don't think there would be much, if any, difference at all. My guess is that the air gap is probably doing most of the insulating.
  21. Would also be interesting to compare Ollie's insulated with Lizard Skin to those insulated with the current foil insulation.
  22. The Way Back Machine first shows these spec sheets Feb 2nd 2009. Way Back Machine
  23. Found these old pricing spec sheets and brochures on the "Way Back Machine" that look to be from just prior to the hiatus. Were any of the "sport" models ever produced? Sport 17' Elite 17' Sport 22' Elite 22' 17' Brochure 22' Brochure
  24. Hasn't happened to me while pulling a travel trailer, but it has happened to me twice while pulling a boat.
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