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  1. I'm expecting delivery of my Elite ll in May, and am evaluating the options available from Oliver and aftermarket. One product I recently found is the Skyroam hotspot. What is unique about this hotspot is that it is not dependant on a particular service provider, and the data you purchase is supplied by the cell provider having the strongest signal when you connect. This quickly caught my attention as you don't have to worry about which provider or two you may choose for wifi. Does anyone have any experience with this? https://soliswifi.co/products/solis-lite?gclid=Cj0KCQiAnaeNBhCUARIsABEee8W9UQAWZJxv33T7Kbqa6cmMp_59sebbsfz2Qbls5jERFj0PVMKuyA0aAuGjEALw_wcB
  2. Does anyone have experience with a Solis Skyroam? https://soliswifi.co/?rfsn=5639186.ba6b66 My unit won't be comlete until May of '22 and I do have reservations with adding the options currently available including cradlepoint. Two things I like about Solis: It picks up the best cell provider in the area, so your not locked into one service provider. And you can select a pay as you go with your purchased data not expiring with a billing cycle.
  3. Thanks for the advice and tips. I realize its most likely overkill, but there is certainly a pattern of that with me. Good to hear that OTT will do it in production. And I am a Troll. Grew up and was educated in PA, then purchased a business in southern Michigan which I ran for 33 years and sold it a few years ago. We will most likely be doing some remote consulting for a few years.
  4. I have an Elite ll on order which is scheduled for production in May. Can't wait! We've traveled to all 50 states and provinces of Canada as a family of 3. We accomplished this goal by the time our daughter graduated HS. The vast majority in tents, a class C and a 5th wheel, so we are not new to camping, towing and enjoying the outoors. We just purchased a new tow vehicle - '22 Ram 2500. Any experiences with upgrading the coupler to a 2 5/16? I'm going to inquire if OTT will upgrade for me at the factory with a fee.
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