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  1. we traveled an hour away and while we were at the camp site I kept hearing baby birds.  sure enough a day later I figured out they were in the AC unit!  we felt sorry for them and packed up and went home.  when we got back sure enough the parents picked up right where they left off feeding the hungry babies.  I can't believe they survived the trip....

    what an ordeal!

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  2. On 12/22/2021 at 12:44 AM, ScubaRx said:

    Your leather cushions look fabulous. I know you will love them.

    We did not get any cushions on delivery of Hull #050 in early 2014. Our plan was to have some leather ones custom made locally in Tupelo. We chose a beautiful Water Buffalo hide from their selections and had the front panels of the back rests embroidered "The Outlaw Oliver".

    Here's Dustin cleaning up after a trip to the Mother-Ship back in 2015...



    Here's Reacher checking his e-mails. He's been sitting on and sleeping on those cushions for 8 years now and they are none the less for wear.


    this is so funny!!!  your cushions are gorgeous!

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  3. Just in case anyone has this problem in the future, I wanted to give an update on the plug-in air freshener smell that permeated every inch of our used Oliver.  I finally found a product that actually works to remove it!  I tried everything the internet suggested:  vinegar, vodka, baking soda and many more.  Then I saw a can of ZEP Heavy Duty Foaming Degreaser that's been sitting in my cupboard for years.  I decided to give it a try.  It's a miracle!  The only material that it didn't work on was the window screens including the screens in the door.  We will have to replace them.  I think it might be because the plug-in was right by the door.  Thank heavens the smell came out of the floor!  I'm still airing out the liners that were in all the cupboards...need another can of spray.

    One can was enough to spray ALL surfaces down...I wiped with a Magic Eraser sponge which I believe may have helped remove the "film".  Apparently those plug ins have silicone oil in them.  Unfortunately, we weren't able to save the cushions...those have to be replaced. I'm going with LEATHER because we have dogs!  The spray actually worked on the windows, shades, and frames.  (I completely removed them and sprayed them down, let them sit for a few minutes and gently hosed them off). I think the mattresses will be OK...we let them sit out in the sun with baking soda on them for 2 weeks and we are leaving them out to air in the garage over the winter.

    I'm so relieved to be rid of that AWFUL STENCH!!  I'm dumbfounded as to why people think those things smell good???

    By the way I'll post a picture of the leather cushions when I get them done.  I think they're going to be luscious!

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  4. it is the strangest thing...I'm very attune to these kind of smells and we didn't notice it after we drove 18 hours to look at it.  the owner did say it has been sitting with the windows open for a few days.  it still puzzles me how I didn't notice it...I think I was just so excited!  I did notice it the next night when we went to sleep in it on the way home.  then after it was shut up for a few days it was super noticeable.  I think it will be okay after we air it out over the winter and replace the fabrics, etc.


  5. oh yes thanks for the reminder about the air conditioner filter!!  and I didn't realize the liners of the cabinets come out too, so I'll air them out as well.  so far testing on the screens (for anyone in the future that has this problem) I've used:  
    alcohol and essential oils, nope.  
    Pure ammonia wiped on then let sit for a few minutes before soaking in water with ammonia added, nope.  
    Purple Power, nope.  
    I'm going to get them air out over the winter in a cold place and see how they are in the spring.

    Too bad too...because I think we are going to have to replace the cushions.  they are like brand new and the upgraded material.  they completely wreak.

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  6. okay I got them off!!  shades are in the sun, mattresses are in the sun with baking soda all over them.  screens are in the tub soaking.  I'm telling you every square inch of this smells like a glade frebreze plug in.  hope I can get it out ....what a way to ruin an Oliver for someone who hates that smell


  7. Thanks guys...I did get them to come out, however, now I cannot seem to get them past the frame that holds the window shades without really bending or breaking the frame that holds the screen.  Is there an easy way to remove that whole assembly...the shades?  because I will no doubt need to hose them down too.  the smell is just awful  

  8. We just bought a used Ollie and the former owner ran a plug in air freshener in there for, I'm assuming, the 3 years they owned it.  The smell has saturated every bit of fabric and screen material in the camper.  I'm thinking we need to even replace all the screens as they smell super strong.  I cannot figure out how to remove them easily...I'm afraid I will break them!  Does anyone have any tips or help?  much appreciated!

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