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  1. Well not on a trailer but on my trucks. Pulling a 5000 to 6000lbs boat without a  Andserson or Easylift hitch with a 1/2 ton is not fun. With boats Sumo springs it is a whole lot better. I have installed them on two of my own trucks and two company trucks that tow boats.  

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  2. Well a update on my 3.0 Duramax max tow PKG. 4100 miles with 2900 miles towing the Oliver or my 6000lbs boat. Average milage towing all at 70 plus 16.4 mpg and in all 7.5 gals of DEF used in all 4100 miles.  Two and a half gals of def per in 1300 miles of running 70+ plus towing the Oliver. Love this motor compared to my past 5.3 max tow PKG truck. On one short 30 flat puling the trailer it was 19 mpg running 55-60. Due have to keep a eye on it likes to climb past 80.

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  3. Well my 2022 Silverado 1500 is on of the new ones with a tow pkg which includes a 377 axle and a high tow rating. I left our house in Michigan to go pick up our new Oliver after selling our 25ft Airstream on June 20th. We where load to the max in the back seat of the crew cab and some stuff in the bed . Traveled at 5 over most of the trip we averaged 66.5 miles per hour over the 694 miles when we checked into our hotel . We averaged 31.2 mph on the dash and we i topped of the tank it confirmed just a little bit better at 31.6. Picked up the trailer on Tuesday stayed overnight, load all our stuff into the trailer installed the hitch . Next morning headed home 734 miles away. This truck is a LT Crew Cab ,shortbox, four wheel drive. Got up to Nashville outside temp was 100 , on to Louisville temp 101 in stop and go traffic. Head to Cincinatti, hit a strong 30mph head windy all the way home to Port Huron MI.  Averaged 16.2 on that 724 mile return trip . Compared to my 2014 Chevy 1500 with a 5.3  I got 48% better milage on the trip down and 55% better towing with the 3.0 Duramax., and that was towing the same weight with the Airstream. If i was only towing the Oliver or the Airstream both around 6500Lbs load I would have passed on the Max Tow Pkg and probably got better milage, but I do tow a boat that goes 9400 lbs so Max Tow was the only choice. Love this motor I found myself creeping up to around 78/80 mph and the Oliver towed super.

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  4. HI Marv

       Not to say I have all the answers so I will tell you my last twenty years of towing. First i just sold my 2008 Airstream 25 (5600 lbs dry and 960 in hitch weight), my wife and 

    I put 65,000 miles on it towing with a 2014 Silverado 1500 with a 5.3 and 6 speed trans. The truck had a max tow PKG and a 373 axle . The mpg around home  19/20, towing if i stayed in the 65/70 range was 11to 12 mpg . The last trip in TX and AZ running 75 to 80+ milage was 10 to 11.  I never use cruise unless it flat with no wind.  With all that said I am waiting for my Elite 2 in June  and my new 2022 chevy 1500 with the 3.0 and 10 speed. For the last 20 years at work I have towed boat all over Michigan and other parts of the country. I have used GMC 1500 ,2500,and 3500 both gas diesel, tow from 5000 lbs to 19,000 lbs.  When I grab a truck to tow I always when i could a truck that was rated for twice trailer as the load i was moving. By doing that it was a lot nice drive, and it also gave me the best tow milage. On the 5.3 i had it ran down the highway towing @ 2200 to 2450 rpm in 5 gear and would up shift in to 6 on fall roads or with a tail wind. The Oliver weights less then my own boat by 1000 lbs a nd the hitch will be about the same. i tow the boat all over MI with out a weight equalizing hitch ,but with Sumo Springs installed. Boats do not tow near as good as Airstreams or Olivers. So with all that said I have a 2022 chevy 1500 with a 3.0 max 4 wheel drive  with a 10 speed . 12900 lbs tow rating and a 2100 lbs payload I my add Sumo Spring ( 1000 lbs units)  mostly to stop the bounce when towing the boat , they create a lot more bounce than travel trailers.  The GM 6.6 gasser are testing a 10 speed for 2023  to help them get some milage ( family works for GM trans) lots of power for heavy loads around town but I wouldn't buy one for la daily drive or long hauling.



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  5.  No, replace the whole rim and tire with much smaller DIA. set ups, Your not going down the road with them. Had to do that to a 8,000 boat and trailer combo and with my past Airstream . It did make working on roofs and wheeling the boat much simpler.  Zoning limited my roof high limiting door header high. another way is shop dollies pull the tires and set the dollies under the spring mounts on the axles like auto body shops.  all depends on how often you move it in and out of storage, for me boat went in when the water got hard and trailer came out until spring.

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