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  • Do you own an Oliver Travel Trailer, other travel trailer or none?
    I don't own a RV or Travel Trailer
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    Legacy Elite II
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    Twin Bed Floor Plan
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    Overland truck conversion of Ram 3500, 8 foot bed.

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  1. Nice photo! That looks like a great setup. Kirk
  2. Don't you mean: "horse and Ollie"?
  3. Agree! I hope all the moms out there in our community have a great day! Kirk
  4. Beautiful! Thanks for the recommendation! Kirk
  5. Beautiful! Make me excited for another trip down that way. Thanks for posting all those great photos. Kirk
  6. Wow! What a cool looking little trailer.
  7. Congratulations! Beautiful rig and exciting times! Kirk
  8. Glad you are both still doing well! Congratulations of your purchase. Great looking rig! Kirk
  9. I love those photos! Congratulations!
  10. City of Rocks is an 1.5 hours from our home town. We have been climbing and camping there for 22 years. Unfortunately, when the weather is nice, the camping in the park fills up quickly. There are boondock opportunities close by. Also, there is a state park (Smokey Mountain Campground) close by as well as an additional adjacent park called Castle Rocks State Parks that is also beautiful and has additional beautiful climbing and hiking. It is one of our favorite places. Kirk
  11. The Living Vehicle can have over 3500 watts of solar, a back-up generator, 57.6 Kwh of lithium ion storage, and a plug to charge your EV. The Bruder Exp-8 has 1600 watts of solar with a 5000 watt interter and also an optional EV charging plug. These don't include portable panels. They are both insanely expensive, especially the Living Vehicle, but have the potential to be much more independent and off grid. It is exciting to think about.
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