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  1. That’s similar to what we always did in our past trailer. Works great. Easy and blocks light for trying to sleep in. Might be in our future again, after modification.
  2. I am surprised OTT uses frosted glass on their entry door. Are there people that prefer not ever being able to see through the glass? Why would they not offer glass to match the other windows. If they wanted to add blinds/shades to them that would be nice. However, the frosted glass would not be preferred by Carrie and I. We are usually in the wilderness and privacy is not an issue. I guess we will be preforming this modification after we pick up our trailer in December. Thanks for all the information. Kirk
  3. Thanks for the suggestion! We will definitely record the information given on delivery day. Kirk
  4. It’s never a problem in the Salish Sea, as long as you are comfortable with anchoring.
  5. Hi Shawna and Scott! Congratulations! I enjoyed your photos. Good luck on your travels. We get our E2 December. Kirk
  6. I am with you on that! I will be using a local fabricator to get the job done. Kirk
  7. Hi Chris, and welcome! Nice to have another westerner on the forum. We are a minority here 🙂. I was sorry to see Stone Brewery closed. We were there last weekend they were open. We get our camper December. W came from tent camping also. There are several people on the forum that were previous Casita owners. Hopefully some will chime in. Kirk
  8. Carrie and I thought we wanted an Airstream. Then we found Oliver Travel Trailers!
  9. We are getting the composting toilet. For people with a composting toilet, I have read it’s important to keep the water out of the #2 bin and the shower might cause problems if there isn’t a curtain. Is there some truth to this?
  10. I agree John! After many bike racks, the only one I would consider buying is the 1UP. After we receive our trailer, we are planning on converting our hitch over to a 2" and using a 1UP bike rack. Kirk
  11. Hi Ralph, I completely agree with you! Kirk
  12. Hello, I'm not sure "rv approved" indicates "trailer" approved. Kirk
  13. ScottyGS, That sounds great! La Flor Dominicana makes some nice cigars, had a chisel with my brother last year, it was great.
  14. I can’t wait! Thanks SeaDawg!
  15. Any other cigar lovers? One Sans Pareil blue and two different La Instuctoras
  16. Wow! That is a lot for that basket! I might check to see if I had a local fabricator. We have a fabricator that does a great job, hard to imagine it costing more than a few hundred dollars. There are some on Amazon that I think people have used. You would have to remove the generator from the box to use it, and come up with a way to securely attach it.
  17. If I had to carry a gas or propane generator, it would be on the trailer tongue, unless I need a pickup truck bed, maybe even then for most people. Hard to come up with another better alternative.
  18. Fantastic vehicle! Thanks for posting the photos! Kirk
  19. I totally agree. OTT needs to put a good 2 inch receiver on and then tell the trailer buyers the limitations. A 1.25 hitch is ridiculous.
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