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    Overland truck conversion of Ram 3500, 8 foot bed.

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  1. Two main ones for me. Alaska and Baja (all the way to Cabo, preferably with at least 2 other vehicles) Kirk
  2. The Ozark mountains extend, focally, all the way north to I-70, near Colombia. I know Missouri has always been included as a mid-west state, however, I have only thought of northern Missouri, north of the Ozark Mountain range, as mid-west. Kirk
  3. Congratulations! Exciting times. Carrie and I are down to 4 weeks. Kirk
  4. Welcome Mike. I joined and started learning about Olivers about a year ago. We have a month to go until we pick up our E2. The forum has been a great resource and the members have been very helpful. The learning process has been enjoyable. Good luck! Kirk p.s. I grew up on a cattle farm north of Mountain Home, we live in Idaho now.
  5. I use InReach too. It is on my Garmin 66i. I have tended to cancel it periodically. Kirk
  6. Tim and Christie, Congratulations on your new Oliver! Exciting day, and it looks like beautiful weather there. About a month to go for us. Kirk and Carrie
  7. That’s why we have a separate beer fridge in the tow vehicle.
  8. Thanks for the replies! We will take some of these with us when we pick up our Oliver in December. Kirk
  9. Msteen, Congratulations! Love your story about your history of camping in your VW. We camped in one in the early 70s around Southern California with my parents. Great memories. Our camping situation has evolved over the years also. Now we find ourselves in a similar situation. We are happy to be joining the Oliver family! Kirk
  10. Hello, Would someone be able to tell me what baking pans come with the convection microwave and what quality they are? Does anyone have recommendations on pans and pots that work well in the convection microwave? Many thanks! Kirk
  11. Congratulations on your order! We have been waiting patiently for our E2. Production began Monday, delivery is in 5 weeks. It has been fun learning from everyone on the forum and watching some of the YouTube videos. The owner’s manual for the 2023 E2 is supposed to be published under the University tab of the Oliver website by the end of this week. it is an exciting time! Kirk
  12. Hello, Thanks GAP for posting this information. Carrie and I are hoping to use our trailer for winter trips cross country skiing. Your information is interesting and a bit disappointing. We are going to try a couple of the small bilge heater in the basement area. There are more problem areas than we expected. Sounds like having a warm showers might be problematic. We pick up December 5th. We are getting the largest lithium package. We also have a 3.6 kWh battery pack for extra energy. Not sure how it will work, but it sounds like modifications will be needed for cold weather camping. If the owner wants to camp in the winter in the northern half of the US, maybe it more of 3.5 season? Thanks again! Kirk
  13. Sorry, that was a poorly written sentence. The heater will not turn on because our camper will be stored in a heated garage. That changes the situation given by Lithionics in the instruction. Without the power draw from the heater, we would be keeping out batteries at 100% charge while stored. To my understanding, most Lithium battery companies do not recommend doing this. Kirk
  14. It is a bit confusing to try and make sense of Lithionics recommendations. If you store plugged in and you have a built in Lithionics heater all you do is shut down all CD loads. No need to do anything else and no potential warranty issues. We have heated storage with a 30 amp electric source, so no problem. However, our heater will internal Lithionics heater will never turn on. We will not have that power drain. The situation is different than the one implied by Lithionics, however, technically it still full-fills their instructions. It sounds like, if you have no internal heater or no source of electricity, then you have to follow Lithionics somewhat confusing and difficult instruction, keep a record of what you do, and still maintain the battery within a certain temperature range. If you have storage for over 3 month, it is below freezing and you don't have an internal battery heater or you don't have a source for electricity, then; I guess, you would have to remove the batteries, store them inside and then deal with their difficult instructions and keep a record for warranty validation. These instructions and Lithionics recommendations do not give me confidence Lithionics Battery company. Kirk
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