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    I own an Oliver Travel Trailer
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    Legacy Elite II
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    Twin Bed Floor Plan
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    Overland truck conversion of 2018 Ram 3500, 8 foot bed, lockers, and raised air intake, on board air, and AEV bumper with 16.5 warn winch.

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  1. I am going to do that first thing after work today! Kirk
  2. Congratulations and good luck on your trip! You are only about 4 hours from Twin Falls, we will watch out for #1491! Kirk
  3. Welcome and good luck on your decision and your adventures! Kirk
  4. I hope that precipitation helps with those fires around there! Kirk
  5. We definitely get use out of both. The central Idaho wilderness is great for the truck. Also, like Geronimo John pointed out, it is great for extra campers and I am surprised at by how much use we get out of the roof top tent in that regard. Kirk
  6. You definitely saw an Oliver, White Betty, OTT E2 #1305
  7. Our DC/DC charger keeps the overland batteries topped off. We supplement with portable solar panels.
  8. We have 3 of the Bluetti PV200 portable solar panels for up to 600 watts of solar charging power. They work great, highly recommend Bluetti's products.
  9. Hello, I have been ask a few times about our tow vehicle, so I thought I’d start a post concerning tow vehicles with an overland conversion. The first picture shows our AEV bumper which houses the 16.5 ti Warn winch and the off-road lights. You can also see the AEV raised air intake. The second photo shows our Icon suspension which gave us a 2 inch lift. Next is a side photo with the James Baroud rooftop tent, comfortably sleeping 2 adults. The rack was built by Nuthouse Industries in Ohio and has led lights all around. From the rear you see lockable storage on the left. Behind the firewood is our extra full size spare, with the other mounted under the truck. The next two photos show the full length slide. It has a 16 gallon fresh water tank with a pump, an electrical system with 200 AH Battle Born lithium batteries, solar smart charger and 2000 watt converter, all Victron. More posteriorly there is an ARB cooler and a fold down kitchen with 2 burners, a slide out cutting board and water. The following photo shows our four maxtrax and our ladder storage for the rooftop tent. Then you see the locked storage for our land anchor (we are frequently in the desert), a hi lift jack and some extra water. Over the passenger doors there is a fold out shower and bathroom, also by James Baroud. The last photo shows the locking storage and two propane tanks. We have a portable propane water heater for the shower. We can carry four bikes over the cab and four behind the truck, unless we have the Oliver then just two additional bikes. We also have an easy on off rack for the top that allows us to carry two 18 foot sea kayaks. There are lockers front and back and two air compressors one for the lockers and on-board air and one to run the Firestone remote air bags. We also had a 42 gallon diesel tank put in. We had a large awning that was destroyed in a microburst, not sure I’m going to replace that! Kirk
  10. I believe, while it is possible, extending the cold weather use of a Black Series is much more difficult than extending the cold weather utility of an Oliver. We looked at some options before selling ours. Kirk
  11. We had a Black series. All there plumbing ran exposed under the frame of the trailer. Definitely not a cold weather camper. We sold our and bought an Oliver. Kirk
  12. Okay, happy to do it! Might take me a few days. We are hoping to wash our rig soon. Kirk
  13. Hi, We have hull 1305, E2 Overland truck conversion of 2018 Ram 3500, 8 foot bed with full bed slide out, lockers, and raised air intake, on board air, and AEV bumper with 16.5 warn winch. hanks, Kirk
  14. Sorry to hear about your need to change rigs. We looked at the Ekko also. Carrie and I have been disappointed in the cold weather capabilities of the Oliver. We are treating it like a 3 season camper. I have toyed with the idea of getting a true 4 season camper. I would appreciate how it goes for you. Is the large storage are on yours heated? Good luck! Kirk
  15. Carrie and I have been completely satisfied with our Level Mate Pro, we would divinely purchase it again. Kirk
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