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    I own an Oliver Travel Trailer
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    Legacy Elite II
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    Twin Bed Floor Plan
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    Overland truck conversion of 2018 Ram 3500, 8 foot bed, lockers, and raised air intake, on board air, and AEV bumper with 16.5 warn winch.

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  1. It can be an issue for anyone living in the Rocky Mountains, the northern US, or most of Canada. We have had several worrisome drives in the past couple of decades heading south for a spring or fall trip, having hard freezes on our way to the warmer climates. Kirk
  2. That is different than the one we have. I believe you would have to remove the lock to slide it in. Kirk
  3. We looked at those as an alternative. If they make a larger size with a double axle, they will definitely be after Oliver’s market for the E2. Kirk
  4. We had to take off the locking mechanism to fit Foy’s insert in and then replace the locking mechanism. Kirk
  5. There are more of us all the time! 👍 Kirk
  6. Thanks for sharing Rene. I Iike your motivational models. I believe we are on a similar timeline to be debt free. Working hard until then. good luck! Kirk
  7. Welcome! Nice looking rig! We named ours “Betty” Kirk
  8. Welcome to the Oliver family! Good luck on your travels with your Ollie! Kirk
  9. That is nice John. I have looked at those. They look cool if you get the Kashima coating. You pay more for them than 1UP but they have built in lighting and a built in cable lock. However, you could cut that cable with a small pair of cutters. They did just copy 1UP’s design. Kirk
  10. Hello justjames and welcome! We use the Proven Locks also. I followed a recommendation by AlbertNTerri and ordered the Ft. Knox puck upgrade. It is an impressive lock. Much heavier and more solid than the puck lock that came with the Proven Locks. In addition, the key is many times more complex. While not cheap, it seems like a worthy purchase, if you opt for the Proven Locks. https://ftknoxlocks.com/shop/ols/products/abloy-sentry-cylinder-in-ft-knox-steel-puck-lock-body Good luck, Kirk
  11. Mike, I have interested in getting a water softener. Which one do you have, if you are satisfied with it? Thanks, Kirk
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