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  1. 13 hours ago, Bryan in NC said:

    Our LE2 entered production today.  50 days and counting!

    Congrats, the next two months will fly by!   We will be in Hohenwald next week taking delivery of ours and are excited to be joining the Oliver club!

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  2. 4 hours ago, Brian and Brandelyne said:

    I was told this upgrade was scrapped and they are staying with the fiber-granite. It was a bit disappointing to me as I was told about it when we first started looking and then they changed the story after our deposit. Not that this would move the needle but when you look forward to something different it is kind of a let down.


    Same story (sticking with Fiber-Granite) we have been told for our 9FEB delivery.   Will see in about 2 weeks!

  3. 5 hours ago, theOrca said:

    Do I read that correctly? Do you have a Truma furnace as well as AC and hot water.

    I don't see that offered on any part of Olivers web site. How did you find out about it??


    The Truma Varioheat Furnace is the Standard furnace on the 2023 models.   Look in the 2023 Owners Manuals standard components section to learn all the details. 

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  4. We are picking up a 2023 in FEB of this next year with the Truma option.  Whether or not the much lighter and cheaper sub 2500W gensets will work with the "upgraded" AC has been a question for at least 6 months.   Knowing they are now delivering Truma equipped units, I asked our Sales rep specifically about powering the AC off of a Honda 2200 and if anyone at Oliver had actually tested it, or any of the many other sub 2500W  inverter Gensets readily available.  The answer was "No we have not tested it, but we think it probably would work."   He also noted that Truma recommends a 3000W generator as we've all read.   I'm hoping someone actually hooks one up and verifies whether or not it can start it. Barring that, my plan (when I get back to AZ and warmer weather) will be to put my Fluke ammeter to good use and see what the peak inrush looks like on Shore Power. 

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  5. 13 hours ago, Steve and Deb said:

    I asked when we paid our 50% the first of November. That’s when she estimated it would be 1361. She said they are assigned before building starts. 🤷‍♂️

    I’m one for four on getting replies to emails since August, so I’ll just call if I need something. 

    Hull 1337 has a delivery date of 9FEB2023 if that helps any!

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  6. 44 minutes ago, Steve and Deb said:

    Me!! 🤣

    When we sent in our first half check last week, Anita estimated that they will be about hull number 1361 by March 29th. We'll see how close she is in 139 days. 😉

    Jason told us last week we have Hull #1337 for planned delivery 9FEB... counting the days.  Interesting to note that from this thread my math says they expect to deliver 46 in 3 months and then 24 in a month and a half February and March.   That seems to be a pretty steady one every other day rate even through the Holiday's and model year changeover. 

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  7. Very interesting, I wouldn't have expected nearly as many driving incidents nor calls for a third party.  I suppose this is a good argument to get one of these or the new iPhone 14 which in theory can also hit a satellite network. 

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  8. For those of you who use "The Collar" device, what size Discus lock do you use?   Under the theory that larger is almost always better on a padlock, wondering if the larger 80mm Abus lock fits but the hole on the collar.   In theory it does... 7/16 shackle should go thru a just under 1/2 hole in the collar, but wondering what others are using.

  9. I've dug through the owners manual info and can't find a few things I need to plan for my pickup and hope an existing owner can help.   To get the trailer level I need to know the drop required from my hitch -- can someone tell me what the height is from ground to the bottom of the coupler for a level Elite II?   Also for locking purposes, would like to get a locking pin on the Bulldog Coupler and would like to know what diameter the pin is which secures the collar in the closed position?  It looks pretty small but would like to know to get a suitable lock or locking pin.   

    I see some folks have a lock around the collar, I am guessing that is for securing it once disconnected from the TV but I'd like to lock the mechanism while towing as I've seen "pranksters" loosen the mechanism of another trailer while the owner was not around and that can easily turn out very badly.   Thanks in advance for the help and advice. 

  10. On 6/7/2022 at 7:47 AM, Jstone said:

    I’m home, in hot, humid Myrtle Beach SC area. I have the 630ah/340w on my 2022 Elite 2…soft start on the AC. I ran a quick & dirty test last week, ambient temp in low 90’s, camper fully closed & in full sunlight.

    I started at 100% SOC, and set the thermostat to 80 degrees/automatic…kept the blackout shades closed.

    Ran the AC as stated above for 5 hours, 3-8pm, charge dropped to appx. 40%.

    I replaced about 10%  charge per day, so I was just over 50% on Friday, 60% Saturday, with no power consumption….I did the same full-sun run in the AC on Sunday, started at 60% SOC, ambient temps were about the same. 4 hours of use saw the SOC drop to 18% & 20%.

    I plugged into shore power and the batteries were at 100% SOC in 3 hours.

    Far from a  scientific test, but I was surprised how well the batteries handled the challenge and how quickly they recovered.

    This is SUPER helpful and very encouraging as someone taking delivery in FEB and hoping the Victron charger, and slightly better panels will do even better.   Still will go with either a Honda or Champion 1800 Watt generator as a backup but hope we can minimize its use. 

    I will be curious to see how it does running at night during sleeping hours for us.  The lack of sun gain into this equation should help but of course no sun either during that time period. Sleeping is where we expect to really need AC when its super hot and humid. 

    Thanks for running the test and sending out the info!


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  11. As someone coming up on his 90-day limit to finalize my 2023 build, you can change anything on the build up till 90 days from the start of the build on your paperwork prepared in your initial order and deposit.   At that same time you need to have the 2nd payment to them which is 50% of the remaining balance based on the pricing of that finalized build sheet. 

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  12. The AC is a Truma Aventa on my build sheet, but digging through their websites you can find the Aventa both with and without a heat pump function.  Looking in more detail, it appears the EU version is a heat pump but the US version (120V) does not show any heating function -- I stand corrected. 

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  13. Our 2023 order has the Truma WH and AC.  The model of the Truma AC is a heat pump so you can get some heat out of that and the unit still has a propane forced air heater.  No idea on the brand of that, but its not combined with the Truma Water heater. 

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