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  1. Thanks, I was talking about the vent under the bed. That is the "Main Air Return" and, IMO, I think it should have a filter. I can always add one if I think it needs it later. Thanks, Brian
  2. Steve, I went through the same thing you are going through and have experimented with this for the last 4 years with our previous trailer. I decided on the exact same system you are looking at BUT, in a move not widely accepted in the RV towing community, I am installing mine in my Tow Vehicle. I have a camper shell (ARE) on my truck and will be installing the Pepwave antenna on top of it (does not need a ground plane, the one Oliver sells DOES but they don't install one). I will install the router inside the shell on the top. I had it re-enforced when I ordered it so it has a 1/2" plywood fiberglassed into the top for support. This approach will allow us to have access to our own internet when we are on day trips away from the trailer and on trips where we don't take the trailer. I have used Pepwave routers for a very long time and am confident we will have internet inside the trailer when the truck is parked outside. As I mentioned, it's an unconventional approach but one that I think will work for us. Also, upgrades will not involve any Ollie work. All thoughts and comments are appreciated. Brian
  3. Nice review, is there a filter on that return air vent? It looks unnecessarily large compared to ones I have seen in other varioheat applications. Without a filter I can imagine all kinds of lint, pet hair, dirt and dust accumulating in the lower compartment which could become a hazard. Thanks again for the details and the checklist. Brian
  4. Yes please! I would also like to review your list for our 3/8/23 pick up. Great review of your experience, thank you. Brian
  5. We love that park and we are looking forward to taking our new Ollie down there. It was not a good fit for a 30’ Airstream with a 22’ truck! Shrimp looks good too! Brian
  6. Agree Steve, 15 gallons is the smallest Black Tank we have seen in a trailer this size. Anything more would have been nice. Also agree on the “nature of the blogs”, them seem to be addressing a completely different crowd (Washer/Dryer or Dishwasher??) and then somewhat tailored to address Oliver owners. Brian
  7. Mike, Henry’s Lake SP is awesome, have you been to Mesa Falls in ID? It is not far from Henry’s Lake and has some great camping spots right near the lower falls. My wife is from ID, not far from there. Henry’s Fork (off the Snake River) goes through her dad’s property and on a clear day you can see the Tetons from his backyard. (Those are the highlights of living there..) Brian
  8. @Mike and Carol I had the exact same two comments! @JWalmsley please explain the Diverter Valve statement. Brian
  9. Sounds like a very reasonable approach. I can revert at any time. I will give this a while and see how it feels but generally the truck doesn't seem to "slosh". Good points, all though. Brian
  10. Firestone Airbags installed last week! Love them - wasn’t sure whether to use one fill port or two. I ended up putting the “T” in place and installing one. Brian
  11. @chuckstovall Chuck, while you are in there, you might think about replacing the valve too. I had several Dometic valves go bad and start leaking then someone showed me this aftermarket replacement valve. This thing is great. The spring is tighter and it flushes so much better. Find it HERE , worth preventing a future headache. Once you get both valves in your hands it will be clear which one is superior. If this company is making aftermarket parts for the Dometic 300 series, maybe they make a pedal too? Regards, Brian
  12. Most fridge boards are easy to replace. Have you tried Dinosaur Electronics? Check out their link HERE These guys make VERY reliable boards for most RV components like Fridge, Furnace, etc. I highly recommend them and they can usually talk you through diagnosing an issue. Best of luck with it, Brian
  13. Correct, and the best way to determine this is to WEIGH your trailer unloaded and fully loaded for travel. When I ran Goodyears on the Airstream I was happy to see they produce a comprehensive chart each year for their RV "Special Trailer" ST tires. I recommend the CAT SCALES app for your phone. When you go to the scales, open the app, put in the number and drive on. Once your weight is taken, you will get a notice on the app and an email with your scale certificate. It will show total trailer weight, rear and front TV weight and combined weight. Compare these to what your tire chart states for your trailer and TV and adjust accordingly. There is NO one-pressure-fits-all answer. 55 psi is probably a very good choice for the current tires given the "likely" loaded trailer weight. GREAT CONVERSATION, this definitely needs to be understood by everyone who tows! Brian rv_inflation.pdf
  14. @John E Davies Oliver did put out a video on the tires and tire pressure and stated it was 55 psi. It seemed like the video was an update to previous information. I agree, that does not obviate the need to a written announcement. Disregard...didn't see others had pointed that out. Brian
  15. From a conversation I had with them on the subject. When there was a rash of valve core failures, Oliver looked into it and found out their supplier had been putting balance beads in their tires without them knowing it. Some of the smaller beads were getting stuck in the valve cores and holding them open causing rapid deflation. Oliver is contacting all that were affected and sending them new cores with a gift card to cover replacement. I seriously doubt they will make a statement as to how many were impacted. I know I would not release that information if I were them. Just one on one to those who were affected. As for the other questions, they all seem valid. Brian
  16. By the way, if I remember the conversation correctly, if you get the 16's the tires will be LT, if you get the 15's, the tires will be ST. I had Endurance ST's on our Airstream. Brian
  17. I had this conversation with Rodney at OE-East but didn't think I had enough background/information to put it out on the forums. We are scheduled to take delivery on 3/8 and he indicated we "may" get the 16" wheels with the Goodyear Endurance tires. As someone mentioned, this was the tire that came with our Airstream and I have to say, I was very impressed. No complaints whatsoever and a far cry over the previous "May-Pops" Airstream used to use. May-Pops is a generic term for any of the cheaper, imported, oddball trailer tires that were prevalent in the travel trailer market about 10 years ago. I think all the manufacturers wised up to the liability they were creating and decided to bake the better tires into the price. I am on the fence on how I feel about getting the 16's versus the "NEW" 15's - it would be nice to start out with the more common wheel and not run into trouble down the road should I need to replace one. Overall, I think this is a good business decision and I am comfortable with it. Brian
  18. I have used this product for many years on trucks, motorcycles and campers. Take a look at BugSlide and decided for yourself. You will be surprised and it is gentle on all surfaces. Safe Travels, Brian
  19. I am retired USAF and know the expression well, "click-click" (radio thing for Airmen) - we are taking delivery of our LE II in March of '23 (seems like forever) but will be back camping before we know it. I am actually planning to leave the full-time workforce at the end of April and then head to the Rally in May. Hope to see you there! Brian
  20. Did you mean $32? $92 seems steep for a SP, esp in Idaho. I just caught up...I see, 3 nights. The other replies were not there when I first read the post. Makes sense now. Brian
  21. @Patriot I like your setup, I have seen several use this BuiltRite plate. Two quick questions, is your 890 mount bolted to the rack? If it is, I assume you attached it during installation. Second question, did you purchase the backing plate for the dash rack? They say most people do not need it but I am curious to see how many people actually get it or what the performance is without it. Thanks in advance for the info. Brian
  22. @John E Davies John, We just got back from Overland Expo East and, when we arrived, we were surprised to see a 30' Airstream, a 28' Jayco, and a 45' Class A among many other "larger campers" all in the camping area after we read the same thing you posted. I tracked down an OE rep and asked what gives? He said, they essentially have an "Overlander Camping Area" and that is what they refer to in the FAQ. He said, if you were to fill out the form for camping, it asks how long your rig is and if you say it is over 15', they explain you cannot camp with the overlanders but they will accommodate you. I told him that didn't make ANY sense because if you read the FAQ you would never fill out the form to camp since it clearly states a 24' camper is not welcome. His final answer was, they would look into adding details to the FAQ page so more people would know you CAN attend with your trailer. The Oliver team got a tremendous reception, everyone seemed to really like the trailers. We plan to go to at least one or two Overlander Expos next year and will take our Oliver, we just have a longer walk to the beer tent. Brian
  23. My guess would be that if you ever have to replace the jack, you don't have to cut the wire and you wouldn't have two fuses to hunt down if one of them blew. Brian
  24. Steve, We too are waiting on our Oliver LE II and saw one yesterday going through the pass at Black Mountain, NC. We were heading east and they were westbound. Looked like faded blue graphics on the front (or light blue). We did park across from one out at Flathead Lake, MT two years ago but we were Airstreamers and they didn't seem too chatty. LOL. We are burning through 30 years of Marriott points on this trip, good thing too with all this rain in NC. Travel Safe, Brian
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