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  1. 14 hours ago, John E Davies said:

    don’t know if Oliver installs these on the 2023 hulls, any comments?

    John - I have looked closely at this Isotherm for the last six months and have never seen/heard of this item. It sounds like a nice product and I am interested but not sure of what level of integration I am willing to endure for a brand-new trailer (in March).

    Thanks for the share, very interesting.


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  2. 42 minutes ago, SeaDawg said:

    Some comments on our choice and install, five years ago.

    @SeaDawg Too funny, every time you mentioned the “truck fridge” I was thinking you had an Isotherm in the back of your TV as an additional fridge like I have a Truma in my truck.  Never would have guessed you had a truck fridge in the Ollie.

    Looks good - I like the drawer but I also like the additional height of the Cruise 130 with the interior drawer.


  3. 1 hour ago, John E Davies said:

    I don't want to add another battery to my 200 amp hr Battle Borns,  nor do I want to have to run my generator every other day.

    @John E Davies I don’t think the newer compressor fridges are going to draw that much. @SeaDawg has two AGM batteries and does just fine with the compressor.  I run a Truma fridge in the back of my truck and it is powered by a second battery that is approximately 650aH (it is a 750 CCA) that gets charged by the alternators. I run that thing 24/7 on trips and it has never run the battery down.

    Take a look at the specs for the Isotherm Cruise 130 just for reference.


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  4. On 7/14/2022 at 7:15 PM, AZ Wonderer said:

    The fiber-granite counters are being replaced with solid surface acrylic countertops.

    I was told this upgrade was scrapped and they are staying with the fiber-granite. It was a bit disappointing to me as I was told about it when we first started looking and then they changed the story after our deposit. Not that this would move the needle but when you look forward to something different it is kind of a let down.


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  5. 27 minutes ago, John E Davies said:

    Does anyone know the brand and model number of the new fridge? The new data is not available at the University, just this which is cool.

    @John E Davies  The new fridge is the Isotherm 130 (99% sure of that). It is spacious but like people said, the freezer is smaller yet it still advertises 2 liters for the freezer.

    You asked about the Furnace (Truma), I can tell you it is MUCH quieter than either a Suburban or Dometic. The air flow is fantastic, warms up quickly.  It is NOT the combi unit, it is the Vario-Heat. Truma spec’d it out with their own ducting too.  The furnace, A/C and hot water heater (Truma Aqua-Go) all run on the same control panel, the CP Plus.

    Here are some pictures from my last visit to the factory.

    The first shows the Truma Furnace, Vario-heat, second shows Truma duct work, third is inside of the Isotherm and last is the Isotherm exterior.






  6. 21 hours ago, Patriot said:

    We use this “cube” and like it so much we purchased a second one.

    @Patriot great solution, we love ANKER products and we didn’t realize that the outlets were all on the ceiling in the newer models.  Most of my opinions on that have already been expressed here so I won’t re-hash them.

    This one is more expensive but I really like that it indicates your grounding status. Very nice install - thanks for the share.

    You cannot see it in the first pic but it does have AC outlets on the back of the device.





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  7. 9 minutes ago, Patriot said:

    And thank you for the link of the much cheaper price than most dealers offer.

    And as an fyi Brian no OEM headlight recalls that I am aware of on my 2021.


    No worries and thanks for the clarification on the headlights. I have a list of all TSB’s and Recalls for my truck so I was aware.

    - Tailgate, cameras, and some sort of heat shield under the truck. All taken care of.

    As for the price, it is a GREAT price. Also, NO TAX when shipped out of state and I got a Black Friday special where the paid shipping!

    I did it myself, there are two really good videos on you tube about the install. One is a Master Ford Technician and the other is linked at the bottom of Levittown Ford site.

    They say it can be done in 3 hours but it took me close to 5 because I have to stop, read, think, re-read, think some more - gather tools etc. Between the instructions and the videos, your really cannot mess it up.  This is all providing you have the dual battery set up which I am sure you do on a 350.  The local dealer told me it would be between $600 and $800 to install because they had never done one.


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  8. 7 minutes ago, katanapilot said:

    By chance was your truck subject to the headlight recall?

    It has had several recalls but that wasn’t one of them. I have found it is less of an issue since I installed the Firestone airbags. I have a camper shell on the back and a Bedslide. Those two alone were enough to change the geometry on my truck and raise the front end slightly.  It got worse when I loaded down for travel and then hitched up.

    I now inflate my airbags to give me the “Stock Height” from my tailgate to the ground. That seems to do the trick.

    Another thing Ford owners do is change settings using a program called FORSCAN and invoke what is called “Bambi Mode”. On a stock Ford truck the fog lights will switch OFF when you turn on the high beams. Bambi mode allows the fog lights to stay on with high beams.

    They are called fog lights even though they are white and LED so they are still quite bright but they have a dispersed pattern.


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  9. 42 minutes ago, Patriot said:

    The OEM LED head lights on my 21 F350 are blindingly bright. In fact the brightest lights I have ever owned on any vehicle.
    A total game changer and I highly recommend.

    I agree - highly recommend…I will have to send you a picture of recent front end work on my F-250.  Have you heard about the collaboration between Warn and Ford to create the “kit” to install the 12k pound winch?

    It looks incredible!

    @PatriotAdding Link:  https://www.levittownfordparts.com/sku/m-1821-sd.html



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  10. 1 hour ago, SteveCr said:

    Here's a link to the F250 that does not seem too bad

    After changing bulbs in Chevy’s, Toyota, Lexus I made it a point to order ALL LED bulbs on my 2020 Ford - have not been disappointed but no matter what I do in terms of keeping the truck level (Air Bags in back, etc) my low beams seem to be too bright for many oncoming cars.  It is mainly the cars that are low to the ground, trucks don’t seem to mind.

    I have to say they are the clearest, brightest lights I have ever had - including some off road lights. 

    Good luck to all the bulb-changers out there. It is not a fun, or easy task.



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  11. On 1/14/2023 at 9:58 AM, Wolfepack said:

    because iPhone doesn't know how awesome I can ride. 😂

    “2022 LE II Tail #22-1052” Patrick “Wolfpack”, do I detect a former, and fellow, Airman here?  Love the tail number, I may steal the concept - we are waiting on Tail #23-1351 to roll out of the hangar sometime in early March. 

    I was aircrew on AWACS and Joint STARS now retired (21 years) and looking forward to some serious down time. Still need to shake these pesky second and third career moves. Looking forward to pulling the plug in May of this year though.

    Re the phone…my Apple Watch has tried to “save me” a few times out on the mountain bike trails but, to its credit, I had taken a tumble but needed no assistance. 

    Hope to see you guys at the rally in May.


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  12. 3 hours ago, topgun2 said:

    I'll bet that 50 footer is one heavy puppy.

    Bet it was - I am SO looking forward to having a 30 amp cord.  I had a 30’ 50 amp cord on the Airstream and I can remember several occasions coming out to disconnect for an early launch in single digit temps. That cord would freeze solid and did not want to curl up, not to mention how heavy it was!  It would go in the back of the truck for that leg.

    3 minutes ago, Steph and Dud B said:

    Actually, no. 30A RV extension cords have a different female end. No twist-lock. 

    Happy to see you put this in writing, I was wondering if I was the only one thinking this. You can either get a longer replacement cord or get an extension cord but they are not interchangeable.

    Always good discussions here!


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  13. On 12/30/2022 at 10:16 AM, topgun2 said:

    No, as of yet, there have/has never been a presentation of any sort regarding radio/communication at the annual Rally.

    I'd suggest either a PM or an email to Matt Duncan in this regard.

    There just might be something in the works...


  14. On 4/29/2021 at 10:11 AM, Swamp said:

    Now I may get my Ham License along with Part 107 Drone certs (photography)

    I got my Part 107 license a few years ago. I really enjoyed the study material as I have a background in Air Force aviation and it brought back many memories.  You only really need it IF you are going to use the UAS (unmanned aerial system) to make money e.g. Commercial UAS Pilot License (Part 107).

    Otherwise, it’s kind of like having a 2 5/16” hitch, you might not really need it but it has a “cool factor” with it.

    Fly Safe,


  15. 11 minutes ago, Steve and Deb said:

    I had to ask, as nothing was provided by Oliver. I too had seen other people with later orders than mine already getting their VIN and hull number. When the registration opened for the May rally, I tried registering, but it required a hull number. I wrote to Matt and asked how to proceed; either waiting until closer to the event, or register as a non-owner. That's when he found our hull number for me. Still no VIN, but I won't really need it until time to get insurance.

    Good luck

    After I posted this I contacted my sales rep. Within an hour he replied with our Hull # (1351) and a build sheet with our VIN.

    We had seen the same thing on the registration form. We will now be able to register as owners!



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  16. 2 hours ago, chiwald said:

    Here is what we chose for the front of our Oliver.

    @chiwald Nice looking rig!  We will be all white with a Ford as well. Not scheduled to pick up until 3/8/23. Where are you from? (Might want to update sig block) — I assume that decal is from Etsy?  We have been looking at similar decals but yours is the best we have seen so far.


  17. On 10/13/2022 at 4:18 PM, Steve and Deb said:

    Numbers are going up fast! I don't think we'll be 1313 come March 28th, since they're building the trailers os quickly.

    @Steve and Deb your profile says Hull #1360; has Oliver provided you with a Hull number already?  Our delivery is set to be 3/8/23 and we have not heard a thing on that front.


  18. 4 hours ago, Hokieman said:

    There is another option from Zarcor that works from the inside without opening the door.

    Very good points and I am familiar with the Ocean Air shades having just sold our Airstream. Maybe the combination of the Ocean Air shade and the tinted window would provide the 99% solution.  

    It’s great to have this dialog and have some options to consider.

    Thank you all!


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  19. On 1/1/2023 at 6:36 PM, Patriot said:

    The Zarcor window shade is a game changing mod! Highly recommend! 

    This mod looks great. I am currently looking into this as one of our first mods when we take delivery.  A few weeks ago I was in an RV dealer looking through their parts department and they had a very nice Lippert display. The Oliver doors are made by Lippert.

    Has anyone tried the Lippert “Thin Shade” mod or compared it to this one?  I looks really nice and gives you a much better view through the window.


    Let me know what you think.


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  20. On 12/30/2022 at 8:32 PM, bugeyedriver said:

    I used my ham radio antenna which is plugged into my Ollie via an SO 239 connection to talk from my campground at Goliad State Park, Tx (K-3015) to speak with about 20 folks all over the US today.  Fun fun fun


    Parks on the Air (POTA) is one of our favorite activities.  I got my New Year’s day contacts yesterday and then some!  My wife and I are discussing an “Activation” of the Lake Guntersville State Park (K-1044) during the rally.  I will likely bring my FT-991A and a Chameleon vertical antenna and setup somewhere in the campground but we can discuss options. 

    73 de AF1US


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  21. I have used CB on the trails in CO, GMRS is becoming the de facto standard as they are easier to use and you can get hand-helds just about anywhere. I am also a licensed amateur (ham) operator and fully endorse getting a license if you plan to use GMRS. The use of the spectrum is gauged by how many people get licensed, not by how many people use it and that spectrum can be auctioned off making the service and all the radios go away.

    I mostly use VHF/UHF (2 meter and 70 cm) while mobile but carry an HF and antenna to communicate long-range while camping.

    There is an activity in the ham world called POTA (Parks on the Air) where people take radios to state and national parks and monuments and set up radios. Others call in and “log the park”.  This does several things. It gives you a good idea of how far you can talk on your radio, what conditions are like that day and it generates a tremendous amount of interest in radio. The annual Oliver rally is held at a State Park!

    Does anyone ever talk radios/communications at the Rally?  Would anyone be interested in a CB/GMRS/FRS/MURS/HAM discussion/demonstration??  I think this would be a great topic. Especially for those looking to caravan up to Canada (different rules) and Alaska.

    My Amateur Callsign is AF1US (Air Force 1 United States) - see you on the radio.


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  22. On 11/21/2022 at 7:26 AM, Rivernerd said:

    A leak appeared onto the standard bed area below the Truma Aventa air conditioner. It rained in Hohenwald the night we took delivery, then we found the leak the next day when we arrived at David Crockett State Park. As we had not used the AC, we suspected something on the roof needed to be resealed to prevent rainwater from penetrating the hull when on the road.  This issue was on my list.

    We just visited the factory at Hohenwald to take some measurements and pictures.  We live about 90 minutes away so it is easy to do.

    While we were there, one of the techs mentioned Truma had issued a service bulletin on the screws originally sent with the air conditioner units and advised Oliver to not use them. Truma sent new screws to use for installation of the a/c units to prevent leaks.

    You might want to have a conversation with them to determine if the additional caulking was the appropriate corrective action or if something else needs to be performed to prevent leaks down the road.


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  23. 14 hours ago, Geronimo John said:

    I read somewhere in this forum that OTT no longer allows picture taking.

    That is true on the plant tour but not the showroom. I don’t disagree with the policy. Not everyone wants to be posted all over the internet just because they were doing their job. Also, corporate espionage is a real thing. Proprietary techniques and processes should be kept private. 
    We spent over an hour in the LE II outside, the showroom was empty due to the company Christmas party, we tried out the Truma furnace and ran many other systems completely unplugged. The Truma did not disappoint. We got all the measurements and pictures we wanted from a true 2023 model. 


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