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  1. I have used this product for many years on trucks, motorcycles and campers. Take a look at BugSlide and decided for yourself. You will be surprised and it is gentle on all surfaces. Safe Travels, Brian
  2. I am retired USAF and know the expression well, "click-click" (radio thing for Airmen) - we are taking delivery of our LE II in March of '23 (seems like forever) but will be back camping before we know it. I am actually planning to leave the full-time workforce at the end of April and then head to the Rally in May. Hope to see you there! Brian
  3. Did you mean $32? $92 seems steep for a SP, esp in Idaho. I just caught up...I see, 3 nights. The other replies were not there when I first read the post. Makes sense now. Brian
  4. @Patriot I like your setup, I have seen several use this BuiltRite plate. Two quick questions, is your 890 mount bolted to the rack? If it is, I assume you attached it during installation. Second question, did you purchase the backing plate for the dash rack? They say most people do not need it but I am curious to see how many people actually get it or what the performance is without it. Thanks in advance for the info. Brian
  5. @John E Davies John, We just got back from Overland Expo East and, when we arrived, we were surprised to see a 30' Airstream, a 28' Jayco, and a 45' Class A among many other "larger campers" all in the camping area after we read the same thing you posted. I tracked down an OE rep and asked what gives? He said, they essentially have an "Overlander Camping Area" and that is what they refer to in the FAQ. He said, if you were to fill out the form for camping, it asks how long your rig is and if you say it is over 15', they explain you cannot camp with the overlanders but they will accommodate you. I told him that didn't make ANY sense because if you read the FAQ you would never fill out the form to camp since it clearly states a 24' camper is not welcome. His final answer was, they would look into adding details to the FAQ page so more people would know you CAN attend with your trailer. The Oliver team got a tremendous reception, everyone seemed to really like the trailers. We plan to go to at least one or two Overlander Expos next year and will take our Oliver, we just have a longer walk to the beer tent. Brian
  6. My guess would be that if you ever have to replace the jack, you don't have to cut the wire and you wouldn't have two fuses to hunt down if one of them blew. Brian
  7. Steve, We too are waiting on our Oliver LE II and saw one yesterday going through the pass at Black Mountain, NC. We were heading east and they were westbound. Looked like faded blue graphics on the front (or light blue). We did park across from one out at Flathead Lake, MT two years ago but we were Airstreamers and they didn't seem too chatty. LOL. We are burning through 30 years of Marriott points on this trip, good thing too with all this rain in NC. Travel Safe, Brian
  8. Any updates from the OP as to what the cause of this was and solution to this problem? Brian
  9. Craig, Are you a Ham Operator? I have been a ham for longer than I care to share but I like the idea of modeling after a QSL card. Here's mine. 73 de AF1US Brian
  10. @topgun2 I am sure they do and, no doubt, that was the same seismic zone I am referring to. Not looking forward to anything like that happening. Cheers, Brian
  11. Reelfoot SP is nice except there is little to no cell service. That lake was actually created from one of the biggest earthquakes this country has ever seen. The New Madrid, MO earthquake was so powerful the Mississippi River ran backwards for a time and formed Reelfoot Lake. The area is now part of the New Madrid Seismic Zone and we are waiting for the next big one! Brian
  12. @dhaig Don - You did not cause undue concern. When I am making a large purchase like this I tend to look into everything I can find and determine if it is actually an “issue” or it is something that just has to be dealt with in any number of ways. If I find something that is a design flaw, I would expect it to be rectified by a re-design and others may have to make changes on their own. Your extensive knowledge and research of the RV industry probably led to my assumption you had owned more than one RV or trailer. Enough of that though… Where are you in North Texas? I was stationed in OKC, OK for 10 years and made quite a few friends in N. TX, mostly Dallas and out to Midlothian, TX. My friends daughter went to U N TX around the Denton area. I like the area but way too crowded for me. From the looks of your map, you tend to travel in the SE US. We are in TN, about two hours from Hohenwald so that makes it nice shopping for the Oliver. Take care, safe travels, Brian
  13. @dhaig Don - First, let me say, in no way was I implying that what you were doing was unnecessary. You work, as well as the original poster’s, was nothing short of amazing. What a great idea and well executed. I especially like the pouch you created. Like you, I have owned my share of trailers and have, and still am, doing my due-diligence pre-purchase to my LE II. Our awning windows in the Airstream certainly were not perfect and needed to be closed in certain conditions and because of where our Fantastic Fan was located, we couldn’t get a shroud over it. The Airstream service center tried two different brands and they wouldn’t fit because it was installed too close to the antenna. This was after we were assured we could get one installed and made the trip to the service center. Needless to say, that was disappointing. At least it had a water sensor that would close when it rained. I would also like to thank you for such a well documented post and reply to my concerns. Not everyone would take the time to thoroughly explain the conditions that you have experienced to want to implement this work-around. As @SeaDawg mentioned, the popular European design awning windows are acrylic and will scratch and cloud up but they are double pane and very well insulated. We have experienced many different Forums (off-reading, Amateur Radio, Airstream, etc) and this has been the most helpful group of people I have ever experienced. Thank you for keeping the dialog going in a kind, professional manner. Regards, Brian
  14. @John E Davies John - I use one when we travel, especially out west. After a week in Yuma, my hose connectors were showing calcium build up and a friend in Lake Havasu referred me to the one he uses. It works great though it is not small. Uses standard table salt and it is easy to flush and recharge. Here is the link to the one I have. I plan to have it ready to go when my LE II gets delivered. Brian
  15. I have seen several posts and comments about venting during rain and solutions around it. As a new owner in waiting, I have to ask; is this really a problem? I mean, when it rains is there an issue with getting ventilation into the trailer without soaking everything? It is starting to concern me. I also have to say, when we were first looking at the Oliver I noticed the sliding windows and commented how our current (Airstream) windows were awning windows, i.e. they pushed out from the bottom and how much we loved having the windows open in the rain. Every major manufacturer has moved to awning-style windows and I am sure it is for a good reason. Someone please tell me this is a non-issue and more of a nice-to-have. Thanks - Brian
  16. From the Lithionics Manual… Brian PS - it should be on the battery label as well.
  17. A few year back we were camping at Flat Head Lake, MT KOA and there was an Oliver right across from us. Did not have a chance to talk to the owners but they seemed to be very nice. Two ladies camping together. Here is our 30’ Airstream and you can see the Ollie off to the right. Brian
  18. The ones in the showrooms have them and they are super quiet. I think they will freeze you out if that is what you were after. For all those considering, the Truma (US Version) does not have a heat pump. I am not sure what the Dometic Penguin has but I really enjoyed having the heat pump in our Dometics in the Airstream for those evenings where it wasn’t cold enough for the furnace. That being said, I am getting the Truma. Brian
  19. OK folks, I have heard many people asking when/if they can upgrade their current air conditioner with a Truma Aventa Eco and, until now, it hasn't been possible. I am just passing this along. I have no idea IF an Oliver is eligible but from what I can see, it seems like Truma is willing to install at one of their service centers. This is not an endorsement, just passing it along. Brian
  20. Mike - yes it is! We especially like the Ouray Brewery. Where are you going in TN? If you are up near LBL (Land Between the Lakes), let me know. We are about 10 miles from Paris Landing State Park and really enjoy LBL. The have a drive-through Bison and Elk preserve which is amazing. Also, plenty of NFS and COE camping. Safe Travels. Brian
  21. Mike and Carol, We live in TN but love CO. My wife and I met in Ouray on a 4x4 expedition. We have driven pretty much every major trail in that area and look to go back with the Oliver (as soon as we get it) and do some more high-altitude camping. Very nice pictures, keep it up. Safe travels! Brian
  22. That might be the reason but 15% is acceptable, although heavy. There are plenty of posts here on Nature’s Head - do a search, if you don’t find what you want, start a new thread. Best, Brian
  23. If you have 12 volt batteries, they are in parallel. How many do yo have and what kind? Brian
  24. Roger, I agree with @John E Davies and others here. As a former Law Enforcement officer, you should be more concerned with things like overloading, bald tires, lights not working, etc. If you are involved in an accident, regardless of fault, Law Enforcement and your insurance company will look at those things, especially an improperly loaded trailer. US Law Enforcement is sometimes more reactive than proactive when it comes to trailers but I have seen many accidents where the trailers were grossly overweight and had other faulty equipment and the operators were cited heavily if not taken into custody (in the case of injury or fatality). With your experience towing a 5th Wheel and your 3500 truck, you should be more than prepared. You won’t even know the Ollie is back there. Hope to see you on the road sometime. Travel Safe! Brian
  25. Hello Richard - We just sold our 30’ Airstream Flying Cloud and purchased an Oliver LE II. Unfortunately, it won’t be ready until March 2023. A few points to share. First, tongue weight. Are you saying your Airstream has a 1,000 pound tongue weight? Our trailer had a GVWR of 8800 pounds and 10% would have put us at 880, we never got a over 600 on the 30’ trailer. I am looking forward to a lighter tongue weight though my truck can handle more than an Oliver can throw at it. Second, wet bath. 4 years ago I wanted an Oliver and my wife couldn’t get past the wet bath so we went to Airstream, After more than 400 nights (we full-timed for a year) she was frustrated with the lack of insulation in the trailer. We joked it was a 2-season trailer. She wanted a 4 season trailer. While browsing through a travel magazine she saw an Oliver ad and asked, did you know Olivers were 4 season trailers? LoL - we sold our Airstream in 10 days. She now embraces the wet bath, and as @Mike and Carolmentioned, cleanest place in the trailer! Lastly, the fridge. @Kirk Peterson mentioned having a second portable fridge in the truck. We plan to do that as well. However, the 2023 models will have the Isotherm AC/DC fridge (no propane) which is a 4.5 cu ft model and is actually very roomy. This is the same model in the Kimberly travel trailers and my brother has one on his 41’ Cruisers Yacht and loves it. After full-timing for over a year, we don’t think it will be an issue. Hope this helps a little. Welcome to the forums! There are so many people here with much more knowledge and experience than I have and they are always willing to help. Brian
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