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  1. @John E Davies John - I forgot you lived in the area before. LBL is great. We really like Piney Campground. We were over there on Saturday getting my Military Annual Pass renewed (FREE). They just signed legislation to make the military passes LIFETIME FREE. Will be getting that one after the first of the year. It’s an inter-agency pass for seven different agencies, NPS, COE, BLM, etc. Brian
  2. Barb and Ben, John‘s map of LBL (Land Between the Lakes) is a good one but it will take you out of the way. We are located in Paris, TN and live a few miles from Paris Landing SP, there is also a KOA nearby. We are waiting on a 2023 delivery and have sold our Airstream. If you are only stopping over and don’t need a campground, you can stay over night in our driveway. We have 30 amp hookups. We are about 2 hours from Hohenwald. If you take 412 over to 641 it will take you to Paris, TN. That’s about 1/2 way to Paducah so if you are wanting to make up some time, you might want to keep heading up that way. Safe Travels, Brian
  3. Isn’t that what our parents said to us when we were young…? Brian
  4. Agree but I don't think it is more than 20 amps since it is on a 20 amp breaker inside the trailer. BL
  5. I have no idea what Oliver has tested, if anything. Here is what I do know. From page 16 of the Truma Aventa Eco Operations manual: They clearly state, if you are running the unit with just a generator, it should be MIN 3,000W. Brian
  6. Yes, the Xantrex Pro is THE charger for the Lithium set up. Also, it is a 150 amp charger versus the 65 amp charger that PD provides with the standard charger. From what I was told, the PD is removed on models that have the Xantrex. Not sure if that is the case but it does make sense. Xantrex Pro 3000 Video The new Victron MPPT Solar has a 50 amp capability, still using the 2 x 200 watt panels. Brian
  7. Well, I didn't ask him about a 1600 watt generator. Why would I? I have a 2500 watt generator. It seems to me, if the spec says that is what is calls for to run, then your 1600 watt continuous (provided those specs are accurate) will do the job. BL
  8. Have you considered a Dual-Fuel Inverter Generator? I have a 2500-Watt Dual Fuel Inverter with CO Shield® and it delivers nicely on the power but is still very compact and quiet. Brian
  9. I can second this and I made a call to Truma. They confirmed, the Aventa Eco cannot be used with an Easy Start and he added, you won't need it. Brian
  10. @John E Davies Now that’s a steep price for an old tractor grill! Wow!
  11. We are not much for “attractions” so we look for quirky. While you are there, look up Bush’s Baked Beans (Made-in-TN) and take the factory tour. It is very interesting and hard to imagine all the different varieties. You can actually trailer there and keep going on that road and it will put you back on I-40. This by-passes some of the major congestion up near Kodak. I you are looking for something to do un-hitched, go up to Sevierville and visit Smokey Mountain Knife (SMKW) and Gun works. Biggest store of its kind and if that’s not your thing, Lodge (the cast iron people) is right next door. Lodge is a Made-in-Tennessee product also. Hope that helps you and others looking to visit the Great Smokey Mountain NP area. Brian
  12. @Mike and Carol Very nice! I would definitely like something like that for the barn! I’m a John Deere man but I still like it. BL
  13. Recently, we stopped by a local RV dealer to get some supplies. As usual, there was a salesman out front and asked if he could show us something. I said, no, we are just here for supplies then I pointed and said you should sell those. He said tractors? And I said, no, Oliver Travel Trailers. He said, I have never seen one, heard they were really expensive and they only sell direct. I replied, I can confirm two of those! I then commented about the tractor. I have never seen one of these before but heard they were very expensive and hard to find. He agreed. Brian
  14. @Hokieman that sounds great and very much like what I would do too. Unless it was a major issue I would keep going. We are mainly picking these sites to measure batteries while boondocking and then charge time when hooked up. We sold our Airstream 30’ Flying Cloud in 10 days and now we are going through camping withdrawals so when we pick it up we plan to camp! Brian
  15. @Hokieman Did you go to VA Tech? My father and two of my brothers went there. I broke tradition and went to Embry-Riddle in Daytona Beach. It wasn’t near as cold in the winters! We did our second factory visit last week (we live less than 2 hours away) and scoped out ML State Park. Very nice and quiet indeed. Looks like @topgun2 has actually camped there. When we pick up, our plan is: First night at the factory, second night at Amber Falls winery (Harvest Host), third night at MLSP and fourth night at Mouse Tail Landing SP, TN. That should be a good shakedown before heading the remaining 1.5 hours to home. Brian
  16. @dewdev You are correct! It was sold in October of 2021 and I had not heard that. Talked to the new owners and they sound like great people too. I have updated my link in my post. Thanks! Brian & Brandelyne
  17. When you get over near Pigeon Forge there is a gem of a private campground called Buddy Bear in the Smokies. Give it a try, great people. Brian
  18. Scoob - that makes perfect sense and I was aware of the differences between the two. My incorrect assumption was, when I saw the 712 with BT I assumed it was BT to the Shunt, not taking readings from the Shunt and sending out info via BT. I actually like the little display as a quick glance reference along with the ability to get the details via BT. Overall, I am pleased with the selection of hardware and the integrations. BL
  19. This is a picture of the new "Side Table" that was created when the lower fridge vent became obsolete because of the all-electric fridge. They did a great job on this and it is very sturdy. Will make a nice meal-prep or cocktail table.
  20. This is the Xantrex Pro 3000 Watt Pure Sine Wave Inverter. You can see the MPPT Charge controller in the shot as well. Brian
  21. @John E Davies John, There is really very little clutter in the battery box compared to others I have seen. The Shunt seems to be in the basement, not in the battery box itself but I could have been looking at the wrong component. There really wasn't anyone there to discuss the design with and I was told the trailer I was looking at was kind of an experimental "Frankenstein" model and they admitted that no one has actually seen a "Production Representation" of a 2023 yet. Here is what I think is the Shunt but it gives me pause that I see "RED" on the cable and I am under the understanding that all "Grounds" have to go through the Shunt to work properly. Someone tell me what this is: To the point that this may be a "Dumb" shunt, I now see the wires tapped off the center that likely run up to the Victron BMV 712. Here is the current battery box: Brian
  22. Well..you might be right about that. I have actually never studied the difference between the "Smart" and "Dumb" shunts with respect to Victron because I always assumed (you know where that gets you) that they only used Smart Shunts. I will look into that and see what I can dig up. Brian
  23. Update since our recent (Second) visit to the Oliver factory. We live less than 2 hours from the Oliver plant. We went back this past Friday to talk and take some more pictures in the showroom. @SeaDawg @John E Davies and others who were talking about the new solar. I learned Oliver WILL have a Smart Shunt on 2023 models! I didn't think it was there because I assumed the Victron display that I briefly saw in the trailer was to replace the ZAMP charge controller display. NOT SO, the Victron Solar Charge controller 100/50 with BT does NOT have a display, you MUST control it from the APP. The Victron display is the BMV 712 Smart Battery Monitor with BT and this display requires the Smart Shunt to provide information to the display and the APP. SO...when you open the APP you will see TWO Victron components, the BMV and the Solar Charge controller. Victron MPPT 100 : 50 with BT BMV-712 BT If something doesn't sound right, let me know. Would love to discuss. Brian
  24. Thank you Steve - we will not be getting the cell phone booster but will likely keep the omni antenna for situations where we want local weather as an alternative to cell coverage, etc. I will have an Apple TV device in the trailer that will do much the same thing as your Roku stick. Safe travels and thank you again. Brian
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