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  1. Oliver  did see this and I  got a call from Mr  Robinson at the factory. He had called the toilet manufacturing company explained what my problem was. The bolt is brass,but the washers and nut are plated.  He was very concerned and asked if there was anything he could send me to repair. Let me say, I've never bought a product,had a complaint,and received an unsolicited call to  resolve the problem before.  Kudos to the Oliver team on this one. I'm heading to the marine store for stainless nut and washers.  I wouldn't think of asking Oliver to send them to me.  I bet they would.

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  2. <p style="text-align: right;">Thanks for the  responses.  As Randy said, I don't think the bolt is rusted. I think it's  the  washers or the nut. But, after careful inspection the caulking around the toilet would have to be cut out and replaced.</p>

    I'm going to hold off  till  winter  to  dig into it.  Too hot to work outside in South Florida

  3. Seems that something you would think should be stainless  isn't.  This is a photo of the bolt that holds the toilet to the floor.  After  seven trips and daily showers  this is what's left of the bolt.  Any ideas on how to seal this. I really don't want to  get into removing the toilet . IMG_20170804_095835735.thumb.jpg.88f9758ab03d6a051d71f2af3ac18f71.jpg

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  4. By all means,  if you can at least two days. I'm six months  into mine and I  still don't know how to set the clock. We we're three days before we realized the water hook up in the  galley was reversed. Like someone said  too bad you can't camp at the factory.



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  5. The other windows on mine are all  connected. The  rubber gasket the window slides on would slide with the window when you tried to close.  I could force it closed but my wife could not.  After my repair it  slides easily like the others. I'm  pretty sure yours should be.

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  6. I  know  Oliver doesn't  manufacturer the windows, but they do install them. This should have been caught at the factory.  The rubber gasket the window slides on is supposed to be attached to the stopper. The window on the street side over the bed was not. Easily correction. Too bad I had to do it IMG_20161019_150155361_HDR.thumb.jpg.fa8036a3ed1ac45d053dd613c86c701a.jpg





  7. John,


    I agree with the shoddy work.  I have found a couple of other things that also point in that direction. That being said,  I've  seen 800k class A's with two pages of punch list. I still think  Oliver does a darn good job,  but it could be better. To answer your question how I  found the little goodie.  I added  a small extension to the dump connection in the bumper with a section that is clear . I have the fun job of watching the black tank til it is running clear.  On one occasion this got stuck in the clear plastic section.  Ugly

  8. My hot and cold water being reversed in the kitchen wouldn't Warrent a 800 mile trip to the factory for repair.  If this got jammed in a  valve or pipe on the way out.  Now that is another story.  Someone at the factory would have a messy job!cut-outIMG_20161025_165531168.thumb.jpg.58acb2530627f7ee9c712ba9aaa204e3.jpg

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  9. We are picking up our Oliver the 3rd of November and was wondering how others have taken care of their insurance. I've contacted Anita in sales requesting a VIN # which my insurance agent says is required, and was told that won't be available until I pick it up.  I would feel very uncomfortable waiting until my walk thru and pick up to get this information. If for some reason the agent couldn't be contacted that day etc. etc. Would appreciate anyone's past  experience on how it was  done.

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