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  1. Foy, Steve is correct. I do apologize for the unwarranted comment.


    Since purchasing our Oliver in 2017 I have found a couple of screws, a plastic connector of some sort and even a 4 inch stainless U-bolt in the back storage compartment.


    I agree with Steve and have not worried about these findings.

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  2. John, thanks for the post and the recommendation to inspect the fridge wiring. Your observation gave me cause to inspect our our Ollie, too. Was glad to see our wiring configuration looks almost exactly like your after-picture. It was perfect right from the factory. Why the difference? Well, we can all guess that different technicians on different days are being human and perform at varying degrees of efficiency on any given day. As we all might agree, there is no way around this. Again, thanks for the tip and I'm sure I was not the only one to run out and check their own.

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  3. Hello Mark and Joni! I certainly remember that day in Hohenwald. Glad to hear you two will be getting some great use out of that new Oliver. I agree that our use for a generator to fire up our A/C (or other needs) will be very infrequent, especially in the Rocky Mountain states in our solar ready Ollie. I find that always carrying the Yamaha in the bed of our Ram is like comfort food. Takes up very little room and is a slap in the face to Murphy's Law.:) Elevation almost always provides cooler temps in summer travels and it seems we are always heading west. Flathead Lake next month in Montana for example. Hope to run into you two somewhere out there. No doubt I will recognize that beautiful TV monster you drive.

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  4. My experience with Micro Air is not so good. I own (owned) 2 new Yamaha 2000's V2 model and propane converted, the newest. Bought them from US Carburetor, have used them once, hooked together and was able to run our Oliver A/C with no problem at 5350 foot elevation (in our driveway in Colorado). Hoping to go down to one generator towing around, we opted for the Micro Air at the rally. Matteo did a great job and also knew my plans. I will admit here that when I asked would this work at my home in CO on propane, Matteo quickly stated "I am not sure but it should." Fair enough, it was my decision to proceed with the install. With some adjustment on the set nut on the gen after starting the A/C for the first time on propane, we got it to run and handle the load. Now, the sad part, when we got home at 5350 foot elevation, I cranked up the generator, the only one left since I sold the other one at the rally(stupid me). It could not handle the load after trying 5 times with US Carb on the phone helping me adjust and curse the unit. Finally, after giving up on propane, a technician at US Carb suggested I put gasoline in the gen (not what I wanted to hear or do, but...) Fired up the Yamaha on gas, turned on the A/C and it barely hiccoughed and ran great. So, for anyone thinking about Micro Air at higher elevations and using propane - Beware! Now, I will have to carry a generator with gasoline in it. Sigh!! Again, I want to be clear that Matteo was honest when asked about propane at my locale. I have nothing but good to say about this man.

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  5. Ursula and I can hardly add to the great compliments and comments above. Our first Oliver Owners Rally was everything we expected and more. Coy, you are the bomb! Your support team (all mentioned above) was phenomenal as well. Our thanks and gratitude to you and all the great people we met who made our memories so good! Cheers to Rally 2019!

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  6. Purchased my Oliver, Hull #204, last April. Yes, I noticed the problem of sucking air at about 25%. Called Jason and wanted it modified for a fix. Answer, yes we can and will do that. When can you get here? Nice response, unsolicited.


    Mistakes made, yes! Problems or break downs arise with moving equipment, you bet! (read Newton's 3rd Law of Motion) Problems taken care of by Oliver when approached, every time from my vantage point!


    Thank you Oliver for building one of best or the finest trailer travel on the road today. I've owned 5 others of different brands, including Airstreams. None are even close.



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  7. Hello Peter and Patty,


    I think maybe we are the Oliver owners near Denver you are waiting to hear from.


    Anita called me last week about your interest but we were in San Francisco on a quick business trip and returned home last night.


    Also, I tried to call you this morning, but couldn't get an answer.


    Please feel free to contact me by the contact info I emailed you earlier today or respond to this thread to meet up.


    I look forward to hearing from you and assisting you in your quest for a quality RV. Totality confident you have found that in Oliver.




    Malcolm J Monlezun



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  8. Travel Straps done! The equipment arrived yesterday afternoon and I was prepared to start upon their arrival.


    Took me about 1.5 hrs. to complete. Of course, this is Friday afternoon and was setup with my Sirius radio set on the 60's and a beverage to sip doing the process. Only one tho! Had to stop to dance with my wife to one old Beatle song too.


    I decided to apply same application to the night stand on our twin bed model. The drawer has been found open and some contents on the floor in the past. Not any more!


    The final product looks and functions great. Cost much less than burger, fries and each a beer at local pub. Peace of mind - priceless!


    Thanks John!





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  9. Thanks for your quick response John.


    We are leaving in 2 weeks for Zion and Grand Canyon with fellow RV'ers and want to get this done before the trip.


    I have the straps and footman loops on order and expect them very soon.


    Again, thanks for this great fix for a concern I have had for a while. We have had the drawers fly open while traveling and found the mess on the floor. Not fun when some of the spill was spices and seasonings. Not a happy wife!


    We have reservations for the 2018 Rally and hope to meet you and so many fellow Oliver owners to thank them for all the input to better serve the experience.



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  10. Hello John,


    Was interested in securing our gallery drawers as you described.


    Could you tell me what you used to secure the footman loop's on the lower 2. Did you just use a wood screw and go for it blindly, so to speak?


    I can easily access the top 2 and will use stainless screws with washers and nuts for strength and  security.


    I appreciate your comment and recommendation on this matter.




    Malcolm M.

  11. On April 12, 2017, our Legacy Elite II was hooked to OTT’s forklift and brought outside into the sunshine, ready to be hitched to our tow vehicle. After six months of research, planning, consulting, and finally building our baby, (“Olivia”) the day had finally arrived. From the first phone call to Anita last year and our reliance on her knowledge, Jason’s expertise, and help from OTT’s able-bodied service crew, our specifications, dreams and wishes were fulfilled, and the final product was ready for the road!


    After owning multiple RVs and travel trailers over the last 18 years, and witnessing the “quantity over quality” mentality become the norm in the industry, it was exciting to learn that Oliver Travel Trailers is bucking that trend and offering a hands-on, custom-built product. OTT’s business model is what any RV manufacturer should aspire to. In our experience, their customer service is stellar. Any issues we had (which were very few) were handled quickly with patience and total accountability in doing the right thing for the customer.


    Every time we use our beautiful Oliver, or show her to potential buyers, we are grateful for our good fortunate at having discovered OTT, and proud/confident in recommending their products and customer service to anyone.


    We just wanted to take a moment here to share our experience with anyone reading the forum for the first time. Have fun, and enjoy the wild, blue yonder!


    Malcolm and Ursula









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  12. Another option for you! I purchased a set of these after returning home with our new Oliver in April. Hull # 204. Yes, it cost but never guessing at amount of propane in the tank again. The gauges are viewable thru the porthole option from OTT using a flashlight. I use one of the new/slightly used 30 lb. cylinders that came with our Ollie on our back deck for Camp Chef and Weber grill. Obviously can go a long time without needing propane at home. Sold the other to a friend who was tired of his cylinder on his deck running out. He grills several times a week!



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  13. Like geO, I am getting very concerned about picking our Oliver 1 week from tomorrow. Living in Colorado, don't relish the thought of having to travel back to Hohenwald after a brief ownership because of drawers falling apart at a rapid rate like Reed and Karen are experiencing.


    Hopefully, Jason and OTT is on this. I do know our Oliver is complete and has been through the final inspection according to Jason yesterday when we spoke by phone.


    I has full confidence that OTT will make this good. Because of our state of residence mentioned above, I will not be leaving the factory until I'm satisfied with a modification/fix to rectify this unfortunate issue OTT and its customers are dealing with at present.


    "Custom Designed Storage Drawers with Dovetail Joints" This is a quote on the Legacy Elite II site. I do take this to mean quality, shouldn't I??


    Like I said, OTT will make this good. Very bad for business otherwise.


    Malcolm M.



  14. Reed and Karen,


    Pictures and your Ollie look great. Prime property!


    I have spoken with Debbie at Little House Customs. Very helpful and kind lady. I mentioned your name. I placed an order for the frig button guard. It will arrive at my home by Tuesday this week. Now I can arrive in Hohenwald the following Tuesday and have it ready to install. Along with a pickup truck loaded and a cargo carrier (fully loaded) I will to attach to my Ram 2500HD and then hitched to Olivia. Now, I thought that sentence turned out kinda clever. :)


    Anyway, I inquired about the awning ya'll had installed. She informed me I would have to email a gentleman/owner to get the specifics on this i.e. price, structural materials that are used to fabricate.


    From looking at your location in those pictures, I would think the new awning over the dinette would be very helpful in more than one way. We had them on our Airstream's in the past. Loved them!


    Could you comment on it. Are you satisfied with your purchase, etc.


    Again, thanks for getting me to Little House Customs in Texas.


    Malcolm M.

  15. I will chime in on this posting and say that I would love to see any kind of improvement. If it takes new software to accomplish this, so be it.


    With that said, since Steve is retired and has nothing else to do, I think he would be a great person to take the lead on this mission. Further more, Buzzy would make a fine First Lieutenant.


    Remember, with this mission and rank, the pay grade would be the envy of us all. Not!


    Just kidding, but thank you Steve for starting the discussion and to you Buzzy for your words that do speak to what a forum could and should be about.


    A side note, today is the day I have worked toward for 42 years. March 31st - Retirement Day!


    Pick up "Olivia" Hull # 204 April 12th.


    Malcolm M.

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