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  1. Hi all, Imelda back on line again. A quick update. I did buy a Nissan Titan SV in September last year as my 2010 F250 had to go due to mechanical problems. I did use the new Titan SV to pull my Oliver 2 about 3000 there and back to Tennessee from Texas with no problems. Later, I took your advice and bought the Andersen WDH. I have it installed ready for our next trip to Utah. I just need a strong neighbor (stronger than me even with a cheater bar) to come over and tighten it all down for me. When I was shopping around for Titans last September they were only 2 available, just the basic trucks - manual seats (I have to sit on a cushion to see over the steering wheel), no dual climate control just one knob with red and blue to manually adjust the temperature and it drives me crazy. No Semiconductor chips available then, I guess. My Titan did NOT come with the complete tow package. It doesn't have a way to adjust the trailer braking inside. It does have the sway control (i think) and the hitch receiver with the 5 prong trailer plug. I was just at Nissan dealership this week getting the oil changed and now they have 22 new Titans (2023) on the lot so I am thinking of trading in the Titan I have for one that has the options I want or need. So my question is. Do I need the trailer breaking ability inside the truck? I may still have to use the Titan I have for the Utah trip. Will I be ok with the Andersen hitch and the Oliver breaking system or do you think I should have the internal breaking? We are not going to be going down any major hills and I think the sway control going west with the winds through Texas, New Mexico , Colorado and Utah but with the Andersen hitch I should be good? Some advice on the breaking would be very helpful. Imelda
  2. Hi, all. It's been a while since I have been on the forum. I wanted to give an update. I did replace my F250 6.7L diesel with a Nissan Titan V8. My Ford was starting to have problems like the fuel pump going out and even Ford recommended I trade it in -- so I got the Titan. I just got back from Roan Mountain etc. in Tennessee about 2000 miles hauling round trip. The Titan pulled my Oliver2 like a champ. I do not have the Andersen hitch setup on the trailer as I previously didn't need it with the diesel truck and on I30 and I40 through Texas, Arkansas and Tennessee with the big semi passing at 75mph and I didn't see any signs of swaying. Of course we were driving mostly in the right lane at 70mph or less. So I am on the fence about adding an Andersen Hitch to my trailer. I looked at a OL2 with an Andersen camped near us and it's doesn't look like a big deal to add it but I have heard that if the sway control is not on correctly it can become more dangerous with it on. I did talk to the Nissan Service and while in the Nissan manual it recommends sway control and leveling if towing over 5000lbs they told me if I kept the tanks empty and the trailer close to the dry weight when hauling and weight distributed evenly throughout the trailer (which I believe it is in the case with the Oliver), Nissan didn't think I needed the sway control. My next trip out is April 2023 so I have a while to ponder what best to do.
  3. The main reason for trading in my F250 6.4L for the Nissan Titan was that the Ford was getting up there in years (13yrs old) but not a lot of mileage (84K). It needed the fuel pump replaced (~$5000) and I was told it was going to turn into a money pit by a Ford diesel mechanic and others. Next to go out would be engine seals and so on - So I thought this Titan would be good comprise for my mostly flat land Elite 2 pulling and also I could use it for running around in without breaking the bank in fuel costs. So time will tell if I made the right decision - if not then I will trade the Titan for something bigger. I will keep you all posted.
  4. All, thanks for the advice. I just bought a 2022 Nissan Titan V8 at a local dealership. I will keep you all posted on how it does pulling my Elite2. I will be taking it to the Smokey Mtns, Tennessee from here in North Texas early October. I tried to upload a pic but it looks like there is a problem uploading.
  5. Doesn't mean it's not a good truck. Toyota has a rather meager share as well, compared to the big three, but a very loyal following. I've never driven a Nissan Titan, but one of my friends tows a Casita with their Frontier. She's very happy. I've driven many Nissan rental cars and suvs, and the seats are all great. I liked her smaller truck. Honestly, it's hard to find a bad truck these days. Titan may not have all the bells and whistles, though. and watch the payload. Many safety features are standard in newer models. I'm sure you've seen this, but I'll add the link, anyway. https://www.caranddriver.com/nissan/titan The Alfa Romeo comparison tickled my funny bone. My husband and I drove to Orlando to test drive their new sports car, several years ago. From the photos, and specs, he really wanted one. When we actually folded ourselves into it, we decided it was a really, really bad idea. I don't think you'd have that "folding" issue with any Nissan truck. 😅😅 Every Nissan seat I've ever sat in gave me a happy drive.
  6. Nissan Titan doesn't have a huge market share, but we do have (or had) several members who tow with a Titan. You can read a number of discussions if you click on this search link. Seems proportional to Nissan's sales, or better. https://olivertraveltrailers.com/forums/search/?q="Nissan titan"&updated_after=any&sortby=relevancy&search_and_or=or This is from tfltruck, April of this year.
  7. John: I've had the same thought. We are new to RVs and TVs. I figure that much of this skill set is acquired through hard learned, on-the-job training. Once we get some experience, we'll likely find the tow vehicle of our dreams. I'm thinking that we could start the learning process with a used Nissan Titan. The resale value is low when compared to a Toyota Tundra, Ford F150,etc. The tow capacity of a Titan is around 9,400 lbs and has a big V8. As a used TV, it's a lot more bang for the buck--at least 30% less than a comparable Tundra. Around $30K would get us a nice, not too old, low mileage Titan. The Titan can be our trainer. We keep it a year or two, wait for this crazy market to return to normal and pick our dream TV when the dealer's lots are full.
  8. Hi all, I currently pull my Oliver 2 with a F250 6.7L diesel which is a bit of an over kill to tow it. The truck doesn't know it even pulling the trailer. The price of diesel is through the roof, gas is much cheaper and trying to find diesel pumps can be harder than the regular gas pumps. Down sizing to a smaller tow vehicle will get better gas mileage. I am looking at trading it in for a Nissan Titan SV crew cab or maybe an XD. Anyone have any experience with the Titans and if I go with the smaller SV will I have have install all the sway bars and weight distribution options etc. I don't need those with the current F250 I am using.
  9. Presently, trying to make a choice between these two for a TV. I'll get the Crew Cab in either. Might be able to get a good price on the GMC, but i really like the design and engineering of the Nissan. Gasser or Diesel...the ever present debate. As i am a fulltime worker, i'll use both to get to work (i have my trusty 97 Honda beater, that keeps on going, dutifully, like a loving labrador). Anyway, GMC or Nissan? What ya'all think..I value your opinions.
  10. This comment may be late for your post, but I thought I'd chip in -- my husband had a Nissan Titan XD when we first met; he had towed a larger TT from Florida to the far north end of Alaska and back with that truck. We took a few shorter camping trips with it (and other trips without towing) -- it was hands-down one of the most comfortable rides I've ever experienced. Better than any of the automobiles I've owned or friend's trucks or vans I've traveled in. It was easy to drive, and easy to ride. He gave it to his son-in-law a few years back. Anyway, he had great experience with it through the Rockies.
  11. Here is a potentially dumb question: Lurking around this forum, I haven't found anyone towing an Ollie with a Nissan Titan. . . is there a reason?
  12. Nice tow vehicle. I’ve been considering a 4WD conversion/lifted NV3500 as a possible future tow vehicle for our Oliver. There’s a dealer in Utah that offers the conversion using Nissan Titan parts. Would allow for some off road exploring after dropping off the Ollie at a campground.
  13. So today I called my Dad and asked his advice. (He refrained from telling me “told you so” about the Tacoma as when I purchased it he recommended the Nissan Titan.) He told me his 2013 Titan has a towing capacity of 9,400lbs and he would be willing to let me borrow it for any trips not on flat land where we would need more power. My only fee... cleaning the vehicle.
  14. I apologize with struggles with my attachment - once again, I have done something incorrect in my previous attempt to attach the PDF describing the Nissan Titan XD truck I was considering. [attachment file=Coggin Nissan 2018 Titan XD.pdf] Let me try again. Coggin-Nissan-2018-Titan-XD.pdf
  15. If you are really wanting a long range, then a diesel is for you. When I towed with a 2006 Ram Cummins 5.9, I loved the loooong times between fillips. I got 14-16 towing unless in really steep terrain or high headwinds, and the tank was 36 gallons. Empty it got 20 to 22. My Land Cruiser gets 10-12 towing and 16 empty at 60 mph, with no mods except for "plus 2" mud tires and a roof rack, both of which kill fuel economy. I can live with the poor range because I wanted a tow vehicle that was superior offroad and uber reliable, for exploring remote areas. I compensate by carrying extra fuel, so I can top off if needed from the cans before I go exploring. Or if I should run dry, which has never happened. You can get bigger replacement main tanks or aux tanks for diesels, no problem, so you could cross the country without refueling if that were your goal. You cannot get an aux tank for a gas truck due to emissions laws, mainly the evaporative system. I think that is a stupid law. It is MUCH more dangerous transferring gas manually from a can than from an under-bed tank with a built in transfer pump. Anyway, it sounds as if a diesel would be a really good fit for you, especially since you have owned one in the past. Have you checked out the Nissan Titan XD "heavy half ton"? That might be a good fit. Depending on the rear suspension, you might not need the Anderson hitch, which would be a big plus IMHO. I am not sure what the tongue weight limits are. https://www.motortrend.com/cars/nissan/titan-xd/2016/2016-nissan-titan-xd-pro-4x-diesel-review-long-term-verdict/ John Davies Spokane WA
  16. I have not driven a Nissan Titan but my go-to source for reviews is Car and Driver and they hate the diesel version. The 5.0 has so much to promise. Maybe with an aftermarket tune it would be really good. I would love to see a refined version of that lighter shorter engine offered in a Power Wagon..... Ram was originally going to use that engine, they cancelled the project and Cummins sold them to Nissan. https://www.caranddriver.com/nissan/titan-xd In reality, any big V8 gas engine will have the power you need unless you must have the cruising range, which is not an insignificant factor - fuel tank worries vanish when you can tow 600 miles before refueling. The BIG factors are always payload, axle ratios, and how much you plan to drag around in the truck. Keep the Tundra, it will do just fine. You have the power and the gearing you need, though you might want to add rear airbags for levelling. Unless it doesn’t carry enough stuff, then you can do something about it. Maybe a new Tundra HD Diesel will be available next year, they are doing work on the replacement model, though nobody knows if we will ever get a diesel like the rest of the world.. I would buy that truck in a heartbeat. Nissans don’t hold up like Toyotas. The buld quality just isn’t there, even in their high end luxury SUV. https://www.motor1.com/news/302530/2020-toyota-tundra-spied-first-time/ Calculate how much money you would lose by trading in your current truck. I bet it would buy a whole lot of gasoline.... John Davies Spokane WA
  17. As an owner of a 2016 Nissan Titan XD (not the 4x4), I can tell you it pulls like a dream. I picked my Ollie up in Hohenwald and pulled her to Texas through some high winds. I traveled 70 mph all the way. I think the only issue with the truck you are looking at is the 4x4 is probably going to lower the towing capacity just from the weight of 4x4 package. On my 4x2, I think the towing capacity is around 10000, well beyond the 7000 lb trailer weight. I will say that when we get our next TV, we're going to look at other makes to hopefully get something a little more comfortable in the cabin. By then, maybe Nissan will have something a little more upscale. Of course I bought a cheaper model (I paid about the same price you're looking at brand new). I know there is one other Ollie owner that pulls with the Titan XD because he was helpful to me when I was asking the same questions because I owned the truck before I bought the Ollie. I forgot to mention that I've had the cooler replaced under warranty and the wiring harness with partial warranty. It was out of warranty but I think this wasn't the first truck with the wiring harness issue, so they paid for like 70% of the repair. Good luck in your search!
  18. I've only ever heard good things about Toyota tundras, any regular size pickup will be able to tow the Oliver fairly easily with the quarter tons like the F150 Chevy/GMC/RAM 1500s and the Nissan Titan, needing a weight distribution hitch. All trucks will need a brake controller either built in or an aftermarket ad on. Most trucks that come with a tow package are prewired for an aftermarket brake controller that just plugs in under the steering column. I payed 120 for a nice one and plugged it in myself, there is no need to pay a dealer good money to do that for you.
  19. I think they are pretty much all the same, the only thing that really matters at the end of the day is how much you payed for it. Pretty much every truck brand out there these days is ultra reliable, up to 250+ thousand miles or more, so the only things that should sway your decision is price, features, and creature comforts. For the money I'd say the Nissan Titan is probably one of the best new trucks that can tow up to 10k lbs. If you need more than that, the big three are pretty much the only options. There are way more options if you crack into the full size SUV game, but with that comes sacrifices to dirt friendly cargo space and added costs. I personally have a super bias, against Ford's, but I recognize that for what it is, rediculous mostly unfounded bias. I'm always one to recommend the extremely used market, but I'm mechanically savvy enough to fix small issues I run into ranging from o2 sensors to blown head gaskets and the like. Even if I didn't fix these things, paying a mechanic to fix a 1-5k dollar issue once every other year is still cheaper than an 80k dollar pickup.
  20. I recently bought a 07 Nissan Titan with a tow rating of 9500 pounds for 4200 dollars. It's in great condition however it does have some miles on it. Honestly at that price I can replace anything that breaks many times over before I could justify a new truck. The 9500lb tow rating is more than enough for towing the Oliver. With a cargo capacity of 1500-ish lbs, it should have enough capacity left over for tounge weight and whatever I put in the bed of my truck. My point is, there are deals to be found out there, and I don't think there is any need to sell the farm to purchase a truck for farming.
  21. Hello all, My name is John and I currently own a 2018 Casita Liberty Deluxe, which my wife and I love. We may be full timing soon and might be in need of a slightly larger FG trailer. We really want a 4 season trailer. The Olivers seem to be the best but are very expensive. We've not seen one yet but are impressed with the reviews and the pictures/videos. I'll need to start with an upgraded tow vehicle. We are looking at the 2019 Nissan Titan king cab. If our home sells we'll probably go to Tennessee to visit the Oliver factory and make our decision then. Thanks for the add to your website 🙂
  22. Hi John, welcome! I highly recommend a factory tour. You will learn a great deal and understand why Oliver’s are more expensive. A Nissan Titan should do fine as a TV. We’re currently camped just south of Durango, CO and it got down to 15 degrees last night. We were quite warm, we are not winterized and had no issues. Four seasons verified! Mike
  23. Rebecca and I (Walter) are very excited to join of the Oliver family and feel fortunate to have purchased "SoGo" (Hull #104) from very caring original owners Kenny and Kay Alligood. We took our maiden voyage from VA back to TN (Knoxville Area) in June. In July we headed out to the Upper Peninsula (UP) of Michigan by way of Kentucky and Ohio. Our three and a half week trip (2,700 miles) was great and the Oliver pulled and operated like a dream. One highlight was dry camping at Twelvemile Beach at Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore on Lake Superior. We even had to use the heater in July! We visited the Oliver Plant earlier this year and were impressed with the high quality workmanship and customer service. That, plus owner reviews sold us on the Oliver. BTW - We have already signed up and reserved a spot for the 2020 Oliver Rally at Guntersville State Park and look forward to meeting our fellow Ollie owners in person. WandR | Hull #104| Oliver Legacy Elite II 2015 | TV 2012 Nissan Titan w/tow package
  24. **Bulldog Hitch**: One thing I want to point out on the positive-side of all this is the brilliance of the Bull Dog Hitch. I love that design, it's functionality and it's strength. The BD Hitch remained in place, holding onto my hitch of the Nissan Titan XD...i didn't have any trailer sway just "trailer lean" :) and trailer sparks (my great regret is I didn't see those sparks in the pitch black night, that would have been oddly cool). I attribute the lack of sway to good trailer design, my truck's anti-sway tech and that hitch...because it didn't come off and then rely on the safety cables. I'd camped with a fellow OTT man Don Thompson at th e Amber Falls winery, and that morning, we both put a good splotch of lithium grease on each of our hitch balls and hitch receiver (inside, around the spring, etc.) to prevent corrosion, extend longevity, improve functionality. I recommend everyone to do that..take those disposable gloves as that grease is sticky and will stain. So, whomever made the call for the BD Hitch, Bravo. I do think that, among other items, is a product difference-maker, comparative advantage for Oliver.over their competition.
  25. I don't pick up my Ollie until November but my tow vehicle will be 2016 Nissan Titan XD Crew Cab /w Cummins 5.0L V-8 Diesel Engine. This truck has been marketed as a "5/8", something between a 1/2 ton and 3/4 ton truck. I get between 18-20 mpg in this truck just driving around. I'm sure that will go down with an Ollie in tow but impressive none the less. The sticker price is real nice too.
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