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Found 1 result

  1. Was looking at my fuse panel to make sure I knew what size fuses to get for spares. (I did noticed the factory had put an undersized fuse on one circuit). That is when I noticed the CO/LP monitor was off. How long it has been off is unknown. I looked around and could find no obvious source of power. I looked in the owners manual and the wiring diagram states: Note not to scale, but colors are accurate. That appears not to be true. The diagram says the wires are blue, but they are red.? A call to Oliver parts and Service connected me with Jason. He said under the back street side bed, in the electrical area (the one next to the pantry) there is a circuit breaker. The breaker has a red button. When you push the button a yellow 'flag' opens up. Under that, on a red wire, is an inline spade fuse holder. That holder has a 1 amp fuse. My fuse was blown. In my area, no one carries a 1 amp spade fuse. We went to 6 different auto parts dealers. We had them order for us and 4 only cost $2.50. To have them could be a life saver. I have no idea why such a small device would ever blow a fuse. It is definitely something we will keep an eye on, and test quite regularly. An interesting circuit breaker, and really the only time I have had to get into that compartment. It was surprisingly clean, hardly any fiberglass dust, or dust of any kind.
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