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  1. I am a newbie to RVs (does it show?) and excited beyond all belief. Going to go FT w dog. That’s it. You probably see me asking lame qs all over here even though I don’t get the Ollie Elite I til late Jan. Yes, dead of winter. Got a new tow vehicle and all (tomorrow!) and ya’ll have been SUPER patient and kind with me. MUCH appreciated. So, my “plan” is to pick up Ollie in late Jan and hang around Hohenwald a week (or more?) after pickup/delivery. With dawg. Learning. Campgrounds? Nearby Ollie factory, til I feel comfortable towing, operating, doing whatever I need to do to be safe and enjoy it all. No big hurry to “get” anywhere, although I am moving to establish “domicile” etc. — looking at SD. Yeah, I know. Cold. Winter. So yes it will be in the dead of winter and I have no idea what that’s like in TN during “pickup Ollie day” or after. Wherever we may roam. What basic stuff that does not come with my Ollie would I need? Tire chains? A parka? A space heater? MREs? Heh. Hoses? Stuff to keep Ollie from freezing up? A snow shovel? Generator? Which? What “basic toolbox” would I want to have? My sense of humor is weird, I know. But if there are things ya’ll know of that I can order in advance while I have a real mailing address, in Nov and Dec, and most of Jan, let me know. I’m not actually crazy. Just wanna be as prepared as I can. For winter roaming in a new Ollie with muh dawg. Thanks all. Oh. And feel free to message me.
  2. We tow with a 2008 Ram 1500, 4x4, 5.7 hemi, because we use the truck for many purposes, and we need the 4x4 on our NC property. I'm curious for the new owners. For those of you with the smaller Elite, what's your choice?. And pros/cons.
  3. Getting the Elite 1 in Jan, tow vehicle would be a 2002 Escalade with a hitch thingy (tech talk! Ha!) on it. Manual says tows up to 7800. Dealer seems to be saying I should do the “upgrade” to an Anderson hitch? I think that’s what they’re saying The Escalade has 168k miles on it and I am now concerned and thinking even if it CAN pull the Elite 1, should I add the option for the Anderson hitch to my build? OR, should I shop CarMax and find a Ram 1500 or Ford F 150 (used, say, 2017 models and upward, with “tow package”)? Lowest miles possible etc. Etc Really don’t know what to do and the more I read with all the ways people tow, Anderson v not, Ram or Ford and which one etc. more confused I get! i want to have a good SAFE setup. If I can NOT break the bank but have that too, I am game. thanks all
  4. Any of you been tracking the changes in features or structural differences between model years of the Elite that can comment on what was changed through the years and when? Maybe it's been covered here before, but I can't find it. Thanks in advance, Daniel
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