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  1. I changed out my Xantrex 2000 watt inverter due to a warranty claim. I found that the required Chassis Ground cable was never installed. It’s the small center terminal between the two large Positive and Negative battery cables, between the two cooling fans. You can just reach in with your hand and feel for a heavy gage wire there, or use a small inspection mirror. The installation manual specifically requires a BIG cable here, minimum size 8AWG which is pretty hefty. They suggest that one the same size as the other two cables be used. There is a potential danger of shock (“Death or severe injury”) if the unit should fail without a chassis ground. Max load is 250 amps for this unit. That is a heck of a lot of current, so huge wires are required. I used a pair of 4 AWG battery cables and installed crimped and soldered terminals. You can make a cable yourself, if you have the skills and knowledge. If you don’t feel OK about this, a professionally crimped cable should be installed. I ran the cables forward to the battery box support column, using a 5/16” bolt and self locking nut. I used an existing hole that was missing it’s hardware. ;( That support is welded at the bottom to the left main frame rail, so it is an excellent ground point. I alerted Oliver Service and requested that they issue a service bulletin and send out cables as needed to all affected owners. Here is my fix: Please inspect your inverter ASAP and respond here, and submit a Service Request if needed. [attachment file=Xantrex Chassis Ground 01.png] [attachment file=Xantrex Chassis Ground 02.png] Install Manual: http://www.xantrex.com/documents/Power-Inverters/PROwatt-SW/975-0529-01-01_Rev-B(PROWatt%20SW%20Inverter%20NA).pdf John Davies Spokane WA
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