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Hello. Made deposit and secured a date for July 2021. Been looking for many years and decided on Oliver because of quality and 4 season capabilities. First time camper owner. Very excited. Travel with

Welcome Steven. Remember the anticipation is part of the Journey. Where is home? And where do you plan to travel?

Steven, welcome to the forum!  We’re first time camper owners too, I often wonder why we waited so long.  Mike

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Hi, I am going to buy a travel trailer in the near future. I have been doing my research and have narrowed it down to the Casita and Oliver. My question is, I have a 2007 3.8L V6 263 horsepower Kia Sorento. Will my vehicle be able to pull this trailer. I have the draw tite towing package on my Suv. But my towing capacity is only 5,000lbs. Can someone help me. :D


Moderator's note: I believe this is a duplicate post. Please look to "Hello all" for replies. Thanks!


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Thanks Sherry ! Pete had gave me a call on this, but we were West of Hot Springs and still a few hours away from home.

I would rather wake up in the middle of nowhere than in any city on earth 08' Oliver Legacy Elite HULL NUMBER 0003(sold)

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Hello Forum members - Terry and Cathie O'Brien, Boulder, Colorado checking in. We just did a rapid transformation from new wannabes (three weeks) to actual newbies, (two days). We had been lurking about the Oliver board after looking at the Casita board and seeing the name Oliver mentioned a couple of times. After checking out the Oliver on line and getting additional information, we thought we would see if we could make it work in the spring of '09 sometime. On this very forum we saw a mention of a few demo models that were priced very attractively. A phone call to Jim Oliver on Dec 31st (he was in Lake Havazu, AZ) transpired into a quick trip to Alburquerque, NM to meet Jim with Oliver Elite #36 on Jan 2nd. Needless to say, we are thrilled about the possibilities going forward. We just got home two hours ago and are reviewing the manuals to see what we need need to know. We are looking forward to meeting you fellow Oliver owners in the future and seeking your advice and experience.


Thanks! Terry and Cathie O'Brien (OB1) and (OB2)

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