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Yikes! Bathroom Faucet Leaking


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On 5/13/2018 at 9:58 AM, roguebooks said:

I finally found a pdf file online that shows all the pieces. It appears the little half blue/half red vinyl button on the handle pries off and you can take the assembly apart to replace the "Ceramic Disc Cartridge". The Dura faucet is guaranteed to not leak so they will send out a new replacement Ceramic Disc Cartridge under warranty. I just might get out of trouble here yet. Thanks. Link below (scroll down page to installation sheet at bottom).



So I have this leak in this faucet and got as far as getting the handle off, but can't see how to get any further.  It seems that there are two more parts needing to be removed before I can lift the cartridge out, but I can't figure out how to get the cap and washer between the handle and cartridge off.  All the videos I've  seen have had no trouble with any of that

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How, and when, and where, is it leaking?

Before I went any further, I'd check the aerator.  If it's plugged, you'll get some backflow, maybe leaking/seeping at the base or seam between stem and base.

We had a "leak" in a delta made faucet, 14 years old, recently. No cartridge.   It was a ball valve with holes for cold and hot. Found a replacement at home depot.  It was a very difficult job to replace , and took three  hands, and several tries..Love the faucet, so wanted to keep it. It was worth the effort  

Can you find the service instructions online? That's what I try to do. Or, call  or email Dura. 




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