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Graphic added to spare tire cover


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This year we have taken 2 - 5000 mile trips and during each we have had people tailgating us or riding in the left lane next to the trailer trying to figure out what brand the trailer is. Sometimes this has happened in major traffic like going through the Boston area and I find it very nerve racking. Since the rear Oliver sign is not lighted up during the daytime and our trailer has the older smaller graphics, I decided to add a "Oliver" and "Made in Tennessee" to the spare tire cover so hopefully people will stop tailgating. Had them made at a local sign shop. ?



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Tom & Cheryl 

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Good idea and nice job on the size and style but good luck on that tailgating issue.


When I ordered Twist I asked Anita to not have any of the graphics on the sides or front.  In a quizzical tone she said was I sure.  So, I asked her why she thought I should have them.  She replied that by keeping the Oliver, Legacy Elite II on the sides it would save me a bunch of time both on the road and in campgrounds by not having to constantly answer peoples questions as to what he camper was.  Just another reason why I like her.  On at least one early trailer there was a 1-800 contact number for Oliver on the spare tire cover.  I'm not sure if that was a customer's or a factory demo model.



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We have our own graphics on the side of our trailer “The Lone Star Oliver”. We’ve had many people ask where in Texas it’s made, which leads to a longer conversation. I like the Made in Tennessee on the back. Mike






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by keeping the Oliver, Legacy Elite II on the sides it would save me a bunch of time both on the road and in campgrounds by not having to constantly answer peoples questions as to what he camper was.

That is so true. I specifically asked for no side graphics - I did not want the two Nike Swooshes, but did want the name. At delivery I discovered that they left off the name.




I got so tired of people asking if it was some kind of Casita, that I ordered the logos and put them on last week. I do like the look with no stripes but with the Oliver name.




John Davies


Spokane WA

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 I like the Oliver logo - it rounds out the look on your unit.


I was surprised at the interest people have as they walk past our ollie as they stroll through the campground. However, my attempts to "enlighten" them on the difference between it and other RV trailers usually falls on deaf ears. As far as while driving - haven't noticed - yet.


I plan to add a front graphic - once we decide on a theme - but, but , but , yes dear, I hear you, It looks fine as it is...….


RB ;-0

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These are the two on the OOII.



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