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Gates' 'Reinvent the Toilet Challenge'

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Bill Gates' latest blog posting ( here ) is titled 'Why the world deserves a better toilet' and he shares an interesting video (

) on the interim results obtained by his 2011 'Reinvent the Toilet Challenge'. It looks as if the blackwater vs composting choice is going to look quite quaint in the future...
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Well, let's see - perhaps the Microsoft Poop exchanger?  Certainly if Microsoft can make some (if not all) of my data disappear, they can do the same for poo.  Maybe they can employ the mysterious "blue screen" to help and just re-name it the "poo screen"?


Seriously, I am glad that someone(s) is working on this.  As populations continue to grow we need to take care of the "problem".  I suspect this problem will be solved (someday) by something that we just don't have at the present.



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I'm thinking incinerator toilets ...


Nothing to empty but sterile ash. Solar powered would be a huge bonus....


Used in a number of places where septic and sewer are not practical. A friend of mine used one on an island in Norway. Described it as "the bomb"... in a good way...

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