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How Comfortable are you in Your Elite II ?


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One more question!  Thoughts keep coming up...

TV viewing...my wife generally goes to bed earlier than I do, and I like watching tv a little later in the evening.  Since there's only one tv and it's at the head (or foot) of the bed and the speakers are also at the 'head' of the bed Is there any way to block off the speaker, run it silently or for me to watch using head phones?  Is there a way to put up a thick sound softening curtain to isolate one of the twin beds?



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There are two parts to the system, the TV and the Audio Receiver.

In our Elite II the audio system has cables connecting the in/out from TV to the  Aux In (on back panel) of the Jensen Receiver.
That receiver has zones for speakers A and B. 
You can turn off each zone (or both) from the Jensen Audio Receiver by simply pressing the Zone A and Zone B buttons.



Next - To listen to the audio on headphones there are a couple options:

1) There is a 1/8" mini stereo headphone jack on the TV if you wanted to simply hook up wired headphones.

Look for the user manuals for these both in the Oliver University for more details.

2) You might be able to also use Bluetooth Headphones with the Jensen Receiver.  The problem typically found is that Bluetooth has a slight delay so lips aren't sync'd.  (I don't see a control in either the TV or the Jensen Receiver manuals to account for this skewing. )

 An earlier discussion on the topic is below shows some "bluetooth" transmitters that can be hooked up to the speaker out's on the TV to make use of wireless headphones without those skewing errors possible.




Hope this helps.

Craig Short
Hull 505 - Galway Girl




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2019 Elite II (Hull 505 - Galway Girl - August 7, 2019 Delivery) 
Tow Vehicle: 2021 F350 King Ranch, FX4, MaxTow Package, 10 Speed, 3.55 Rear Axle
Batteries Upgrade: Dual 315GTX Lithionics Lithiums - 630AH Total
Inverter/Charger: Xantrex 2000Pro 

BLOG:  https://4-ever-hitched.com

Amazon Oliver Outfitters Guide:  https://amzn.to/2mAAgPO


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On 12/19/2019 at 2:09 PM, Woodpecker said:


We just sold our 2010 Winnie View last month as well amid a decision process that has us looking ahead to retirement and spending more time on the road. I was tired of knocking myself senseless on the overhead cabinets, sealing leaks 1-3 times a year and the very costly maintenance on the Mercedes engine and chassis. Our worst fear came true in August when we broke down on the road (engine) in a remote area of Wisconsin and had to wait a day to get the proper flatbed tow to the nearest Mercedes dealer for a fix.

Your situation is similar to ours.  We currently have a Leisure Travel Van Unity Twin Bed, similar in size to the View, but with no slide.  We love the RV; hate the chassis.  So far, all chassis work has been under warranty, but that is soon to come to an end.  We also broke down, in Nevada, no where near a MB dealer, which are few and far between in the places we like to roam.  Ours was a two day wait for a tow; 3 hrs to dealer service; three nights camped on the street in Reno (we arrived 15 min before the shop closed for the weekend).   The problem we had was wheel speed sensors, a common and recurring problem not remedied by replacement.  It seems the Sprinter chassis is not engineered well for RVs.  So, two times this has happened and we've decided it's no fun going on extended road trips wondering when the next ABS/ESP error will appear on the dash.

We have yet to try an Elite II on for size (working on that). Compared to our LTV, the interior space is a shade longer from front to rear, excluding the cab area of the van. The width is a bit narrower, I don't recall how much - but less than a foot.  With the front bath in the Oliver, the inside space will be more open as the Unity is split up with the bathroom/shower.  I do like that the Unity sleeping area can be closed off from the front, making a nice dressing area.  On the other hand, the Oliver windows are better situated and should let in more of the outside.  It is a mixed bag of trade-offs; While we are pleased with the quality and service of the Leisure Travel Van, we want to be rid of annoying chassis issues.  What impresses us about the Oliver is quality.  Owning an LTV is like owning a BMW; it's hard to step down to lesser quality.  We feel Oliver fits that need.  My sister-in-law has a View and I can assure you, even without seeing one in person, the Oliver quality will be a step up.   And the Oliver has a spare tire (which our van does not) :)

Ray and Susan Huff

Elite II Twin "Pearl" - Hull#699; delivered December 7, 2020

2013 F350 6.7l diesel Super Duty 4x4 long bed crew cab

1UP-USA Heavy-duty bike rack

2017 Leisure Travel Van Unity Twin Bed (sold)



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