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Nancy K.

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I noticed just now that the Oliver website in the Standard Options sections mentions "5 Decor Options" with photos coming soon.  Maybe this is what Jordan had mentioned to us that the company might be moving towards certain decor packages rather than each customer selecting all the individual components?  Might simplify things for some but would also cut out some of the permutations of counters/cushions/floors available.  I assume that since we have already placed our order we won't have to go with whatever the decor options are...

"Creativity is the fun of putting together unexpected ideas."  Hazel Edwards

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Our choice was easy, it's all white, black, and gray colors and it turned out better then we thought it would. Yes, we have the standard all white fiberglass counter tops and other matching items that it comes with. As I was told at delivery, Mr. Oliver said, "it looks to good not to charge for it". 


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Elite II, Twin Bed, Hull #489, 2019 RAM 1500, 5.7 Hemi, 4X4, Crew Cab, 5'7" bed, Towing Package, 3.92 Gears.

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