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Poll: Sleeping direction on Ollie LE2 Twin Bed


Poll: Sleeping direction on Ollie LE2 Twin Bed  

25 members have voted

  1. 1. Which direction do you sleep in your Twin Bed Ollie LE2

    • Head and pillow at the rear
    • Head and pillow near kitchen or pantry

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Those annoying lights from electronics at night, simply put 3M sticky to cover light - done.  And, can make some note reminders to help organize your world.


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1 hour ago, Overland said:

According to this article, and also the Norcold manual, six degrees front to back and three degrees side to side are the limits. I think those angles are relative to the unit as opposed to the trailer. So a little rearward or forward tilt shouldn’t be a problem but don’t overdo it. 

Thanks for the great article.  We knew about the level requirements for proper fridge operation, but were unaware of some of the other points made:

  1. Absorption refrigerators are very inefficient in very warm ambient temperatures, but I've not known that cold temperature is harmful.  Not a problem, since we don't generally camp in below freezing weather, but good to know.
  2. Did not realize that 12v power is needed for the fridge to operate, even under shore power.  That being said, as long as the batteries are connected to 120ac, is the 12v power requirement satisfied, regardless of the health of the batteries?  We also discovered, during our RV infancy years ago, that when running on LP the fridge still needs 12v power to fire the burner.  Batteries that fall below a SOC threshold will alarm - 10v perhaps?
  3. We knew the importance of keeping the LP burner clean; the photos in the article are a big help

Our experience with RV absorption refrigerators has been mixed.  Our first RV, a 2014 5th-wheel, had a large 7 cu ft Dometic absorption fridge.  It was one of the "better ones" that did not have electronic controls; you regulated the temperature by a slide attached to the cooling fins; it also had the standard plastic coated wire shelves.  It always kept a safe temperature, even in warmer temps, never requiring a maximum cool setting.  Then we traded for a small motor home, also a Dometic.  It has a slightly smaller 6.3 cu ft capacity, but refuses to keep below 40 deg temps unless turned to the coolest setting.  We always assure the van is level and try to park with the fridge side out of direct sun (or use the awning to shade).  Occasionally, at night, it will cool well on setting "4" (out of "5").  I don't know if it is the installation, the plastic shelving that doesn't allow air to circulate, or just a poorly designed appliance.  I have seen this particular model referred to as the "Demonic" fridge. 

I'm looking forward to the Oliver fridge, I expect it to provide a much better experience than what we have.  I'm glad it has wire shelves and although it is a bit smaller, I think the refrigerator portion will hold just as much food as our 7 cu ft "Demonic" is a 2-door model (assuming the 7 cu ft includes the freezer portion).  I wonder if having the freezer inside the fridge, rather than a separate compartment, provide better cooling.  If we find we need more cold storage we plan to carry a cooler for less sensitive foods, such as drinks and produce - providing we aren't in "extreme bear country" 😖

Sorry . . . .  I think I've gone off-subject with my comment.  Admin: please move my post to another thread, if appropriate.

Edited by Susan Huff

Ray and Susan Huff

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