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Dexter Axle Bearings


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I guess there are pro’s and con’s for the never-lubes.  Seems like a good thing, not to have to worry about repacking all the time.  I have my bearings repacked and brakes checked every spring before the rally.  7 years and still original bearings.  We do 10-15,000 miles a year.  Mike

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Texas Hill Country | 2016 Elite II #135 | 2020 Ram 2500 6.7L


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Well, I took on the challenge of replacing the bearings and races in my 2021 Elite I. It was actually not bad at all. Took a couple of hours on the first wheel because I was careful to check and double check each step to make sure things were correct. . Second went much faster. The original set of bearings appeared fine and had “China” imprinted on them but don’t know enough to comment on their quality. I used Timken products all the way around along with Redline CV-2 grease. Repacks will apparently be even quicker since the races aren’t removed and replaced. Anyway, definitely a DIY project if you’re physically able. 

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2021 Legacy Elite I , Hull #765

2021 Chevrolet Silverado 3.0 Diesel 

Navarre, Fl

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2021 LE 2

Timken counterfeits or WBA app wonky...

Last year, I bought Timken bearings from Rockauto to replace all the original wheel bearings. I used the WBA app to authenticate them. Oliver service performed the work. Oliver saved the original China bearings for me to keep as "road spares".

In preparation for repacking this year, I purchase six seals and two sets of Timken bearings to have on hand, if needed. These bearings were also purchased from Rockauto. I checked them with the WBA app....which indicated that both of the set4 and set17 bearings were counterfeit !!

After sleeping on it, I started trying to find out more info on the WBA app....revisions...updates...reliability reviews. Most of what I found was marketing speak.

I decided to delete the WBA app from my iphone (originally downloaded in 2022) and download again. This time the app approved as genuine both of the set17 and one of the set4.

Once again I deleted and downloaded the WBA app. I rechecked all the sets with the same result...one set4 counterfeit.

Next, (without another delete/download) I very gradually moved the iphone camera over the counterfeit set4 CR code without the bar code in the image.....and before my very eyes the counterfeit set4 transformed into genuine Timkens.

I share this with the group for anyone who uses the WBA app for authentication.

So, do I have genuine or counterfeit? False positive?...false negative?...scam WBA app?

I've bought OEM parts from Rockauto for years without incident.

I guess the bottom line is to do the yearly bearing maintenance and carefully inspect them. I'll look forward to how last years installed "genuine" Timkens look this year.





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How are folks doing with the Never-lube bearings on the new trailers? Curious if it's worth having a set of backups in hand with these kind of bearings on our Oliver. 

What's today?............. the most frequently asked question as a retiree 🙄

Chris and Stacie Neuhaus Greenfield, Indiana

2021 Ford F350 7.3L Tremor (Redzilla)

LE2 #1373 - Ordered 10/21/22 - Deliver est. 04/18/23

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4 hours ago, Ollie-Haus said:

How are folks doing with the Never-lube bearings on the new trailers?

No issues the first 2K miles on Hull #1291.  But, bearing issues usually do not appear for at least 10-12K miles.  That said, I ordered a Nev-R-Lube bearing cartridge to have on hand as a backup, just in case.   In the event of failure, it will save at least a week of down time waiting for shipment of the replacement cartridge.

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Hull #1291

Central Idaho

2022 Elite II

Tow Vehicle:  2019 Tundra Double Cab 4x4, 5.7L with tow package



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