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As you know I am a SUPREMELY mechanically gifted RV-tinkering genius, especially when it comes to Ollies, having owned one for a good 3 months though no experience ever, in my life, with any RVs or towing. (“Whut duz this button do?” “It says Awning. I bet it’s something to do with the defibrillator coaxial diode shifter torquehead. Thingy. Just as I suspected!”) 

Still, I think a small (3” tall) solid black Bigfoot sticker on the right lower edge of the back window constitutes a cool mod. I’m pretty proud of it, anyway. 

Sure, it’s so unobtrusive (dare I say tasteful?) as to be pretty much invisible, but hey, *I* know it’s there.

Bigfoot. A tiny Bigfoot. Sort of a strange contradiction, I realize, but we’re talking here about a new Elite 1, and I consulted at length with online vendors, engineers, Imagineers, and a cadre of medical equipment manufacturers, and was assured that the tiny Bigfoot was precisely what the E1 needed and would give it that certain understated personal ... flair. Or silliness. It will come off easily enough. But you will always remember the day someone posted about tiny Bigfoot mod. Like a splinter in your brain. Yer welcome. 

Note that this mod would never work at all on an E2.  Aheh.  🙂

2021 Elite 1 -- Hull #731

Ram 1500 Rebel 4x4




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