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Rally Learning Curve

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I attended the Non Rally last week and thought I would list, (not in any order) what I saw/learned from all the  Oliver Guys/Gals I met. I made my list, starting on day one of things I thought would be of value to me, maybe others also. I don't have pictures of each of these, but maybe the "Guilty Parties" could follow up.

On a personal note, I did experienced a Flat Tire on my TV, which needed a new tire. Also had an Andersen Hitch Link failure, which I'll cover separately. The Gas Shortage wasn't a big deal, but I did see several Stations that limited purchases.

My list:

1. Reflective Red/Silver Tape on the lower parts of their Oliver, like you would see on a Semi Trailer, to improve visibility at night. Great Idea!

2. Motion Detector Lights mounted on all 4 sides of the trailer, I liked this idea to improve security.

3.Andersen Hitch Pin Handle, available from Tractor Supply, 8000 lbs capacity. This replaces the "Bat Wing Pin" and greatly assists in pulling the Pin in/out.

4. Mount a Level on the Front Basket or front of the trailer, that is visible in the TV's Back up Camera to assist in leveling (side-side). This tell you when you are level, without having to get out of the TV and checking several times.

5. Umbrella Storage PVC Tube mounted inside the door. 

6. Entry Door Clear Window Kit, I go to add this.

7. Bed Mattresses, KTT or Southern or just Cushions, I am still on the fence!

8. Screen Door Towel Bar, of course.

9. Andersen Hitch Chains, Link or Dog Bone connectors? 

10. Trailer Jack to change a Flat Tire.

11. Reverse the Window Shades to improve privacy! I've already done this!

12. Extra Back-Up Lights mounted on Back Bumper of the trailer. I likes this idea and plan on adding these.

13. Business Cards, great to exchange when you meet people.

14. LPG, Fire Pit. both Outland and Heiinger offer them. No wet wood to try to get to burn!

15. Apple/Sirius Radio added to the Oliver, must have.

16. Apparently the 2021 Olivers have added an extra 3 way Switch, in the lower Panty Cabinet to turn on/off the Courtesy lights, nice addition.

Overall, the Non Rally was a big success, I understand there were 28 Olivers in attendance, very nice time. I look forward to next year's Rally!



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Hi Pat,

I noticed #1 on your list was: "Reflective Red/Silver Tape on the lower parts of their Oliver, like you would see on a Semi Trailer, to improve visibility at night. Great Idea!"

I got the idea for my trailer by often night driving with the big boys of the road and their DOT reflectiveness too. But who is to say it has to be so industrial looking?

My camper; my artistic expression with some 3M reflective tape:




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