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Finish of most of the Aluminum.


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I am in the middle of building a frame for a storage unit that will bolt on were the bicycle rack is.  I would like it mimic the finish on the support structure so it matches the rest of the aluminum on the Oli.  Does anyone know how Oliver does the finish on the aluminum.



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1 hour ago, LongStride said:

…the bead blasted rear bumper.

My exposed front tongue and rear bumper look like they were orbital sanded with high grit sandpaper. I can see very shallow circular patterns.  

Bill and Martha

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My old style OEM cargo tray was done that way, but the (visible) welds were completely ground down flush for some reason. It is neither necessary nor smart, that reduces their strength significantly. (My welder made disparaging remarks about the ground-down welds….) You can sand down your completed parts lightly with 320 grit wet or dry sandpaper and get a very nice satin look, it takes off the gloss and any light surface scratches or handling marks. Be sure to put heavy tape in the more visible areas while you are drilling to prevent additional cosmetic damage from “twirlers” - spinning curls of metal. Finish the cuts and corners with a file and then a power sander (80 grit) if you have one, to true them up, then sand with a lighter grit. It is not necessary to “break” the sharp corners along the long dimension unless you want to, unless there will be a cargo strap crossing those points.


Here is my repaired tray, with the heat gun holder AKA flagpole mount, after I backed it into the stonework of my house 🤭 You can see the new welds along side the old ground down ones.


FYI I found out that Sharpie ink will not come off where it is baked in by high heat, if you get something fabricated, avoid making any marks too close to welds. Normally brake cleaner will completely remove them. 

John Davies

Spokane WA


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