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Best camping buddies


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I'm super excited tonight, because my best camping friend of many decades is here. 

We started tent camping,  (in the 70s),   did motorhome camping together, and last 14 years, travel trailer camping together, in separate trailers, on so many amazing trips. 

We both share other camping friends,  and stories. It's a wonderful time swapping stories, and being back together.

Tomorrow,  newer friends (only a decade or so) will join us. It will be awesome, no matter the weather. 

We'll miss some other friends who couldn't make the trip this time.

I truly treasure the friends I've made camping here, and around the world, and north America. 

We'll be missing you, @bugeyedriver and @JuniorBirdMan, this trip. We'll photoshop you into the group photo.



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