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Foy Sperring packing & shipping


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Ok, we’ve read the reviews and seen the photos of Foy’s wares, and know of their well-deserved stellar reputation. I’ve just received my order, and it does not disappoint.

An unacknowledged talent he possesses is packing and shipping.  Imagine the care and attention to detail exemplified in his wood products, extended to packing and shipping. 
Rest assured, the items are crafted with care, and packaged to arrive in pristine condition.



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2022 Elite II Twin “Katie” Hull 997

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I totally agree! I was amazed at the packaging process. He told me he couldn't find the size boxes he needs so he cuts down other boxes to fit perfectly and the backing materials as well. It felt just like Christmas when my boxes arrived earlier this year.


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Bummed we won't see the packaging!  Foy has shipped our order direct to Hohenwald, where I believe Oliver will have it all installed by pick-up on Monday...


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WHAT? - No crate?🤣

I really don't think that either Foy or Mirna ever worked for a shipping company (USPS, UPS, FedEx and the like) but, somehow, they must have learned about the abuse packages take when out there is the shipping world.

Good job.

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In a previous life, I transported very sensitive materials all around the world for a federal agency and never have I seen packaging as "bomb proof" as Foy's.

I recently opened a drawer assembly he sent us and it probably took longer for me to unpackage the drawer parts than it did for him to actually produce the packaged items.


You know before you even get to the actual contents that this is going to be a quality product.

Thanks Foy.



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Thank you all for the kind words.  It is a simple understand between UPS and me, I want my craft to arrive in perfect condition and they want to destroy it completely.  We get along well together.  🙂 


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Foy and Mirna 

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Hull #227
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