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Dometic C/S Awning on RHS appears to have come apart from the guide wheel and tube is flopping around.


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If this has been addressed in the forum, please guide me to that post so I can resolve my issue without bothering the forum members.

I have talked to OTT about this.  "Looking at the video it appears that something inside the awning has come loose. The one end that doesn't close properly may be impacted to the roller tube jumping and/or just need to be adjusted."  OTT Service recommends that I locate a local (about 200 mi) service center near me, which I have done.  However, they are booked for some time out.  So, I would like to see what the issue is and see if I can fix it. 

First of all, the awning has not suffered any trauma that we are aware of, no wind event; no objects came in contact with it.  It did retract a couple of times when the wind came up, but that appeared to be minor and insignificant at the time.  I believe we always retracted the awning when we were away from the trailer.  Prior to this, the rear (LHS of C/S) was not completely closing but stayed open about 1". 



i have two video's i have taken with my phone, as well as some pictures, and i also found a parts explosion (may not be Dometic, but very close) that shows where the separation took place.  basically, the tube rolls open/closed just fine, however the guide on the (RHS) end has separated, so the tube flops a little as the awning is opening/closing.  i am not sure which end (LHS or RHS) is causing the separation.  

YES, i caused those scratches on the plastic, when trying to lift and center the tube, but did not realize that occurred at the time as that was hidden by the housing, until i extended/retracted the awning.  i stopped rather than cause any further issues and decided to reach out to those that may know what is going on.


Kindest Regards, 


Awning Tube & Guide point of seperation 2.jpg

Dometic roller tube & end guide seperation.jpg

Awning Tube & Guide point of seperation 1.jpg

Front of Awning.jpg

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This may or may not help you as our awning is a manual awning on our Ollie.

Our awning would close all the way on the front of the trailer but would not close all the way at the rear of the trailer. The rear end of the awning would stick out about about 2".

I spent days making various adjustments to the retracting arms as directed by the manufacture. That did not solve my problem.

Finally I noticed that the awning material edge, when being closed, would not track back onto itself and instead would wind up to the side of the previous rotated layer. At the end of the closure the material would be a couple inches to the side of the first rotation.

I solved my issue by opening the awning all the way and pulling the awning material, at the roller, to the side. After doing that I notice the awning material would wind in exactly onto the previous rotation of the material and both ends of the awning would be closed as they should be.

Good luck in solving your issue. 

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dewdev Thank You,

We have that issue also, the rear of the C/s awning not fully closing as shown in the video, and we have maybe 1/4-1/2" of off track when rolling up.

However, the endcap has pulled away from the tube, which may have been caused by the fabric going off-track, I just do not know yet.  I believe I can see where there is a notch in the endcap that would align with the cavity in the roller where it holds the fabric, but I wanted to see what the experience of the form is before I do something that would make it worse... I was horrified that I had scared the Teflon/plastic coating on the roller when trying to get the two synced up; however, I believe I can smooth that out, when this issue is resolved.  I did not gouge any metal where it would abrade the fabric or drop a burr in the works.

Looking at the Dometic Awning section in the owner’s manual, it appears as though the shaft is designed to protrude at the rear so one can manually (with wrench) retract it in, in the case of a power failure.  Mine appears to protrude about 1” out of the rear bracket that holds it in place, and I do not know if that is correct or not.  So, I did not want to force (i.e. hammer) it towards the front to get the tube mated up with the endcap when there is another/proper way to get the two together again.



I have added a picture of the C-S Front & Rear ends showing the spindles, in case anyone sees anything amiss.

C-S Front Spindle.jpg

C-S Rear Spindle.jpg

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I can't be of much help with this, as we have a manual awning, different brand. 

Any of you with the same awning had a similar issue?

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I am going to follow this as my manual awning has the same problem. When I close it it is stays out about  2inches on the rear and I don't want to force it.

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