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Storage of Oliver with Lithium Pro Package in full sun


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We just pulled our #1049 home from birth to Shenandoah, Tx this weekend.  I want to make sure do not do anything to harm her so I want advice from the educated to supplement the owner manual.  The Ollie will be in sitting for a few months. 

Thanks in advance, 

Glen & Rhonda Patterson 

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If it was me I would just park it.  Let the solar charge the batteries each day.  There will be some discharge overnight.  When I asked my Battle Born rep he said open storing would be fine.  They just don’t like the charger to be on all the time.  Since you won’t be hooked up to shore power that isn’t even possible.  Hopefully we’re done with freezes, especially around Houston.  Hope your return trip went well!  Mike

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I'd echo what Mike says.

However, make absolutely sure that each time you go by her you say hello.  New Ollies are particularly sensitive to those that don't "care"!😊


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I'd refer to you to the storage instructions for Lithionics batteries (see below) in Oliver's knowledge base.  Your storage approach depends on the length of time in storage and temperature. 



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Will the trailer be at your home?    Easy to monitor?    Assuming you have the Platinum Package (630 ah) ...   I would reduce the charge to 13.2 volts per the manual and then turn the batteries off using the BMS power button.    Get one of those weather stations with a remote temperature sensor to monitor the temp inside the battery box.   If it looks like it's going to get above 86 degrees you may want to take them out and put them inside where the temps will stay in that 14 - 86 degree range.   

Good Luck and please let us know how things are working out. 


PS.. just realized you have the PRO package... I checked the Lithionics manual for those batteries and the storage requirements are the same as for the larger batteries.   I would also download the manual and read it thoroughly.   

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