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Tire date


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I keep my Ollie in a dark barn.  She gets used three or four months a year tops.   When stored, about 50% of the weight is on the jacks.

When my 5 year "Expiration Date" comes to pass, I will do a careful inspection of all five tires.

If they have cracking or any signs of anormal wear, I'll get new tires. If not, I'll run them for another year.

That said, if the tread wear gets to 2/3 used, they are replaced regardless of my inspections efforts.

But then I will eat a can of beans that has an expired Best if Used date too.   

Our Michelin Tires are exceptionally long life tires.  Way beyond 5 years if properly maintained.

Just my two cents.  


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I agree with GJ, my Ollie is indoors almost always. I won't automatically scrap the tires at five years, they can go much longer safely, as long as you keep an eye on them. One thing to watch for is ozone, it is harmful to rubber products and it is produced my brush-type electric motors, for example, an electric shop tool. If you have any of this type around your Ollie, at least be aware of this issue.


And do NOT fall for the snake oil claims about air "purifying" ozone generators. https://molekule.science/ozone-generators/

John Davies

Spokane WA

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Since I now live in a desert climate with very low humidity I figure rubber does not last long. I've inspected the tires and did not see any visible cracks but figure it is better safe then sorry. What would be a good replacements? 

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