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Tire pressure

John C Marsh Jr

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43 minutes ago, John C Marsh Jr said:

What is the optimum summer tire pressure for an E-2 with cooper tires?  I’ve been maintaining 80 cold   

42 to 45 psi. 50 at the very most.

80 psi is the maximum that the tire can take, it is not at all appropriate for a little trailer; running double the ideal inflation pressure will beat up the frame, hull and your personal belongings😳 Have you been finding stuff shaken up, rearranged, and or lying on the floor? Does your television fall down?  BTW, Did you ever get a tire inflator? You started a thread asking about it and sort of dropped out.

John Davies

Spokane WA


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Tow Vehicle: 2013 Land Cruiser 200, 33" LT tires, airbags, Safari snorkel.

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We keep our Oli EII @ 55psi also. For a couple  reasons.

1. I have calculated the weight for the Oliver while towing, the tongue weight, and the weight on both my front and rear axles of the truck with everything fully loaded for towing.

2. The truck uses the same psi and all I have to remember is 55 psi for all the tires.

3. I figure that at 55 psi it’s a little high for the Oliver but it allows that if one tire goes bad the other three tires still have enough strength to carry the load. If I remember correctly I did the calculations for 6500 trailer weight. Not that I am planning on driving on three tires on the Ollie I just wanted that extra safety factor so by the time I found out that a tired gone bad I’d still have time to get it parked over on the side of the road and maybe limp it to someplace where I could change it without getting someone hurt

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