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Winter camping?


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2 hours ago, John Welte said:

How was it attached? 

I was going to use Velcro tabs to attach it to the basement door (in case I decided to modify it later) but when I went to dry-fit it, it just sort of popped in, supported by the flanges around the edges and the hook eye for the support cable. Seems pretty solid, but if it does come loose I'll add the Velcro.

For the shower door, I used clear nanotape.

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Stephanie and Dudley from CT.  2022 LE2, Hull #1150: Eggcelsior.

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Our Oliver journey: Steph and Dud B's RV Screed

Where we've been RVing since 1999:


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On 11/2/2022 at 11:43 AM, ItsPTL said:

Certainly, being out in the wilderness, especially during below freezing temps, is risky.  But, our trip was awesome and the Oliver really came through for us!

I would bet that what allowed you to camp in those nightime single digits was the daytime temps in the 40s.  Those conditions are iffy to bank on but do work around the inner shell's slow decent into freezing temps by allowing things to warm up each day.

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On 11/2/2022 at 4:48 PM, Steph and Dud B said:

Just added Reflectix to my basement and outside shower doors. Battery door next.


Great way to help protect those areas.  This season, I've unscrewed the exterior shower head , brought into the inner shell and put the head back on.  Also pulled the cold and hot knobs so now there is a deeper space behind the little door to the shower to add a layer of closed cell foam.  We used reflectex on our battery compartment as well and it made a huge difference.  Used two layers of that stuff on both the garage and battery doors.

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SOLD:  2021 Elite 2, Twin Bed, Lithium & Solar, 3000W Inverter

SOLD:  2022 Ford F150, 3.5L V6 EcoBoost, 4x4 Supercab, Trailer Tow Package

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On 11/2/2022 at 6:54 PM, ItsPTL said:

No problems with bugs at these temps.  Last year, during the early October bow season, my two sons hunted and tent camped the same area.  Again, no bugs but when they returned to their tent following a day of hunting, the tent had been torn down by a bear.  Needles to say, their hunt was cut short as they quickly packed up and skedaddled back to their truck.  They were much more comfortable this year, camping with me in our new Oliver...my days of tent camping, during any season, are over now that we have the Oliver!


LoriL - 

Great for you guys and for your Oliver!  Glad to hear that it was a good time and that Oliver Service helped you when needed.  THAT sure is one heck of a campsite.

I'm guessing that you didn't have much (as in none) of a problem with bugs - mosquitos have always been a big problem for me in that area 😬.

Great pics too!  Thanks for sharing.


That's one of the reason I always have my trusty  Henry break action shotgun https://gritrsports.com/shooting/firearms/shotguns/break-action-shotguns/ in my Ollie(didn't use it once over the years, but it makes me feel a bit more safe).

Did they forget to put food in bear bag/away from the camp? 
Reminded me of a story I've read once: some folks were working as wood cutters with camp set up in the middle of nowhere(most of the food was air dropped on them I think). So on one of the drops they've got a bottle of booze or something and got completely smashed. Needless to say, they forgot to throw away food scraps... From the words of the guy, both woke up drunk being dragged through bushes 'cause bear came to eat scraps and got tangled with tent ropes. Ended up dragging 'em for couple of hundreed yards before untangling. Now that's an experience that won't make you forget about taking care of food 😄

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