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Two GFCIs for all 15amp outlets and microwave

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I also posted on FB, but I like the forums best. I did search the forums, but didn't see the exact configuration complaint.

Who has this AC outlets setup in their Oliver and what year is your TT?  

I have a 2016 Elite II and I just discovered that in the breaker panel there is no dedicated breaker for the 15 amp outlets around the trailer.  I discovered this while replacing the outlet by the drivers side twin bed, inside the rear drawer cabinet.  This new outlet has built-in USB-A & USB-C receptacles as well, for AC plugs.
I have two GFCIs which protect all the 15 amp outlets in the trailer, including the microwave.  The GFCI on the Xantrex inverter itself AND a GFCI under the dinette, across from the breaker box.  This is fine, but I first searched the breaker panel like any sane person might do.  

#5 "110 outlets - 15A" SHOULD be the breaker, but it does not seem to do anything.

"Now I know."



2016 Legacy Elite II  o--o  Hull #110 o--o  Wayfinder  o--o  Twin Bed  o--o  2020 RAM 1500 Limited 5.7L 
Augusta, Georgia

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