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Tacky Starlink Dishy Mast


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Our tacky dishy mast is simply a 10 foot stick of 1” EMT (Electrical Metallic Tubing) with a Starlink mast adapter on one end.  It was overpriced for $20 at my local ACE hardware, but much less than other flimsy looking masts that were available the time.  I wasn’t keen on mounting anything to the Fiberglass, or using a ladder to step it on the roof.

My experience is that you need to be able to move dishy around to get obstruction free sky at many RV sites.  I’d discourage any fixed or permanent mounting because parks love trees and you'll often will find yourself without internet because of them.  For that reason, I put mounts on both the front and rear of the trailer because it alway seems like one end or the other is shaded by a tree.  Of course here in the Great North Wet we have lots of tall trees and we often have to put dishy on the ground to avoid them.  We’ve put dishy in neighbors sites more than a few times, on the hood of the truck, and even in a tree.  Were thankful that Starlink provides a tripod and long cord.  Oh, I should mention that the Starlink App is a great tool for finding obstruction free satellites.

I made my mast mounts with 6” x 1-1/2” OD stainless pipe, the rear one was mounted on a 3” x 3” aluminum angle with 2” stainless u-bolts, and the front on a 3” x 3” plate cut from the same piece of angle. They sell 12” lengths on Amazon for under $12, but I got some cut-offs at the local metal supply.  The stainless pipe I already had laying around from a marine supply, but I’m sure the metal supply would have it too.  The 2” inch stainless u-bolts are pretty common and I may have bent them a smidge to fit around the pipe.

The rear mount is attached to the existing (optional) bumper mounting bolts, the front is screwed to the (optional) front cargo carrier.  I drilled and counter sunk the front mounting screws.  I think there are other frame places you could mount the pipes if you don’t have the optional bumper and cargo carrier.  The mounts almost look like they belong there, so at least that part is not too tacky.  The mast just slips in through the pipe and sits on the ground.  Makes a tacky flagpole too!

The mast is stored under the trailer, not tacky at all!  I used heavy TY-Wraps to secure a length of 2” PVC pipe with an end cap along the frame rail and into the sewer hose storage compartment.  You can’t see it, and it can’t come out unless the bumper is folded down.  That reminds me, don’t forget to pull it out before parking to close to something in the back.

I provided a few pictures as best as I could…  but I couldn’t pull the mast out because I was parked to close to something in the back.

Good luck and Cheers, Geoff & Tanya


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Check your rear gas valve. It sure appears to be partially open and may be leaking a little. Between the facts of propane being heavier than air and that you have a cap on the quick-connect fitting, it probably will not collect in the basement. You'll know it the first time the water heater or the furnace lights if it has.

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Definitely like the flexibility of front and rear mounts to avoid obstacles around the trailer...  We'll likely add a mount to the bumper like you've shown - very clean.  Thanks for posting...



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