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Water heater and furnace strap failures


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Less than two years into ownership, I made two repairs to the factory-installed metal straps used to secure the Truma water heater and the Dometic furnace. These straps were the typical HVAC metal galvanized hangers, which broke due to stress fractures likely caused by the over-inflated tires Oliver advocated a few years ago; at pickup, my 2020 OLEll Cooper tires sported 80 psi! The water heater strap broke first, repaired, then the furnace, repaired, then the water heater again. With each repair, I used a heaver gauge metal strap, to no avail. After the third failure, I decided to try some other means in hope to permanently fix this reoccurring issue. Aside from reducing the tire pressures to 55 psi, I utilized some cam-lock web straps for the fix. One year in and all good; no more worries of potential damage to the water and gas lines or electrical wires servicing these units from bouncing around while merrily driving down the road! 

Lines and wires at jeopardy!

Cam-lock to tighten strap for optimum securement.


Stainless steel self-taping screws and fender washers to fasten strap ends.



Starboard strips to insulate web strap from heat and abrasion, secured with cable ties.


Excess web strap bundled and secured with a Velcro cable tie.



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That's a nice and neat solution to the problem.   Fortunately I was forewarned (thru this forum) about the correct OTT tire pressure (50 is what I fixed on).   I did notice that the metal straps seemed a bit sub-par in securing the furnace and water heater.   I like your solution better.   (another someday project)

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Nice, a lot of people just cannot fathom how much force 6 gallons of water inside a steel tank can generate when moving on rough surfaces!  Mine never failed, but I never towed with hard tires either.

What straps did you use? Regular ones? Those have some stretch which in this case is probably not a bad thing to have, but for other applications such as battery tie down straps, you don’t want to have any at all, so you should seek out mil-spec zero stretch webbing. This is excellent, with a footman loop at the bottom on each side, you can position the buckle up top where it is easy to reach and inspect. These straps will stay dead tight, they actually “twang” when you flip one with a finger, very excellent stuff!



For a lithium battery upgrade, consider adding these to keep them secure and safe.



John Davies

Spokane WA

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22 minutes ago, John E Davies said:

What straps did you use? Regular ones?

These were some heavy-duty straps once used to tie down an ATV. I modified them for this application; the end hooks were removed, length shortened and cut ends heat treated. Although the Truma is tankless, it still has substantial weight; and restricting movement imperative, in that the lines are hard plumbed. I am very pleased with this mod. 

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2020 OLEll, Twin, 579

2012 Silverado 1500 4x4

No installed solar, Renogy 40A DC-DC charger, 460Ah LFP battery bank/Victron SmartShunt

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Like JD - I too have never had a problem in this area.  And, I keep my tires at 62 to 65 psi.  And, I have traveled down some pretty rough roads.  However, it is what it is and your solution to the issue appears to be a good one - nice work.


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Between Ronbrink's (very doable) MOD & JD's recommended straps,
I see a winter project that I soooooooooo want to complete before our 2024 Alaska Oli-venture.

The plumbers strap that held (past tense) the WH has snapped.  And I have what I believe is a great replacement for it and to add it to the Heater while I am at it.

Thanks Ronbrink & John Davies,


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Those straps look great!!  We just replaced our broken straps with new plumbing hanger material and some fender washers.  We are hoping that the fender washers are enough to spread the load on the new straps but we definitely will look at the nylon strap solution if there’s any more trouble.

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Heather and Eric

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