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Do the dishes outside - with a shower extension!

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I couldn’t find anything about this on the forum, and so I think it’s worth mentioning.

We like doing dishes outside with hot water from the outdoor shower hose.  We have a fold-up table dedicated for this purpose, but the shower hose was always just a little too short.  I had a similar flexible hose in my junk stash so I added it to the Oliver hose with a 1/2” PVC nipple.  It worked great, and there is no problem stuffing the extra length back into the Oliver shower port.

Amazon carries various hoses that will work, including a 90” extension for under $15.

Cheers, Geoff

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4 hours ago, Snackchaser said:

We like doing dishes outside with hot water from the outdoor shower hose.

I do the same, it’s so convenient and less clutter inside; plus less water in the gray tank. I carry a collapsible wash basin and dish drain in the basement, as well as dish soap and a sponge; a dedicated table is transported in the TV and deployed when setting up camp. The stock shower hose length has not been an issue, but good to know it can be easily extended. Thanks for sharing the mod and reminder to all on use of the outdoor shower in this manner. 


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Not a bad idea.  I have this camping table that has a built in wash basin.  It probably wouldn't be too hard to mount the shower head above the sink.


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With your longer hose, you'll need to position the shower head where you want it, I purchased this item, not for dishes, but first for showers: JONKEAN Chrome Handheld Shower Head Holder with 2 Hanger Hooks, Strong Adhesive Shower Head Holder, Adjustable Shower Wand Holder Wall Mount, Bathroom Waterproof Shower Handle Holder No Drill Need - Amazon.com

The white plastic shower wand holder slides up and off of a clear flat mount, so when towing or not using it comes off and fits nicely in the shower opening. It's available as a 2-pack, so the second mount can be positioned elsewhere, like attached to camping stations as shown above. I will put my 2nd mount lower to rinse feet, our dog, maybe a large grill pan, though we wash most dishes inside.

The second item is a suction cup version which should work well on polished fiberglass: OUO Suction Cup Shower Head Holder Handheld Showerhead Bracket Adjustable Shower Holder, Removable Handheld Showerhead & Wall Mounted Suction Bracket - Amazon.com

Outside Shower2.jpg

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