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Generator Inverter Usage

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10 minutes ago, MAX Burner said:

OBTW:  Our original PD main circuit board is up for grabs if anyone needs a spare - it would be fine with any non-Lithium set up.  Just cover shipping costs and it yours!

If demand is greater than your supply, I have one too, free for anyone who wants it!

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Just an FYI on the subject of replacing a converter/charger in a Progressive Dynamic's Power Control panel or upgrading an existing inverter: the wiring and components of any electrical system, whether AC of DC, has been engineered to the specification’s of the system components.  If you choose to upgrade any single component, such as the PD converter/charger from 45 amp to 60 amp, you may overload the other components of the system.  Please be careful and consider the bad things that can result from our desire to gain capacity from our upgrades and replacements!


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