Decor & Graphics

When it comes time to place your order for a brand-new Oliver Travel Trailer, you'll have the opportunity to customize your camper's style to perfectly suit your preferences. This includes selecting from a range of standard options, allowing you to personalize interior decor and exterior graphics to create a personalized and unique Oliver that is yours.

Create a unique and personalized Oliver Travel Trailer that perfectly matches your preferences.

Decor Options

Enhance the style of your Oliver RV with our versatile range of decor options. Choose from our Decor Packages, available in cloth upholstery and premium PU Leather upgrade options, to create a customized and sophisticated look for your camper.


Oliver Trailers boast a stylish design featuring our signature brand colors: Blue and Gold Metallic.
The result is a distinct and visually appealing exterior that effortlessly catches the eye.

exterior graphics colors