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It can start by browsing through a book, or maybe the internet, at any rate, our planning seems to usually start there. We identify places of interest and figure travel distance. Now, you might notice that there is no mention of campgrounds or specific overnighting locations. The plan doesn’t even have an ending point ! Now as strange as that may seem, it is exactly the way we like it. Our Oliver let us get into lesser traveled areas and we always find other nearby things that grab our interest. Here is a book that has started many of our meandering adventures.

The great photos in this book have inflamed the imagination of many travelers and so it was with us. One handy aspect of US Highway 66 is that it spans so much of America that there are likely several cool starting points somewhere near you. It has long been our practice that any time we cross or get near route 66, we take a closer look for things that just reach out and “grab” our imagination.

Heading home for the Holliday’s late in December one year we were going to cross 66 at Baxter Springs Kansas. When we arrived there, we hadn’t had time for our usual research, instead we stopped at the tourist info center.

While there a name popped up that has always caught my attention, Jesse James. It turned out that he had robbed a bank in town. The bank was no longer there but there was a great restaurant in the old building. Here is a look.

After a great meal, we were on our way home for the Holliday’s. It’s a good thing that we enjoyed that stop when we could for that restaurant isn’t there anymore. Here is a look at the bank back when Jesse James robbed it.

If there is any underlying moral to this story, it is don’t get locked into a travel plan that may be less fun than the lesser known things you may wander across. By the way, this cool bank robbery restaurant is not listed in the book above, it is just another reason to keep your eyes open for those hidden gems of history that may lurk along your way.

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