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Oliver Newsletter October 2019

Issue 10Volume 4October 2019
Special Incentives Available on 2020 Models Through Dec. 31st
We are now selling our 2020 model travel trailers. For a limited time, we are offering special incentives for the remaining November and December 2019 production spots.

Call us at 1-888-526-3978 for more information.

* Please contact sales for a more complete explanation of the special incentives program.
Special Incentives
See An Ollie In Your Area
If you are interested in viewing one of our customers' Oliver Travel Trailers in your area then this is the option you want. Simply click the button below and fill out the short form. Our fields visit coordinator will then call you to setup a visit that best suits what you are requesting.
See An Ollie
See An Ollie At Upcoming Rallies
Interested in seeing an Oliver in person? We will be taking our 2020 Oliver Legacy Elite II Twin Bed demo to the following rallies.

If you are interested in scheduling a time to see our demo at one of these rallies, please contact us at 1-888-526-3978.
Land Between the Lakes
Oct 1 - 3, 2019
Land Between the Lake Rally at Hurricane Mills COE near Eddyville, KY on October 1-3, 2019. We will be in campsite #36.
Cherokee Fall Rally
Oct 10-13 2019
Cherokee Fall Rally at the Happy Holiday RV Village in Cherokee, NC on Oct 10-13, 2019. We will be in campsite #831.

If you are not staying in a travel trailer and want to see an Oliver there is a $5 cover charge to get in but if you call your sales rep at 1-888-526-3978 we'll cover your entrance fee for you.
Call Us
Welcome To The Family
Allen & Mary B.
Bryan D.
Colin & Karen R.
Collier S.
David C. & Paula S.
Jacquelyn L.
Keith & llene S.
Kent & Kathryn W.
Peter & Trish P.
Phil & Linda L.
Steve B. & Tony V.
Mr. & Mrs. Howell
Stephen M.
Oliver Owner Anniversaries
Larry C.
Marsha P.
Joe & Susan F.
Richard H. (IL.)
Richard H. (MT.)
Linda H.
Bert L.
Frank M.
Glenn & Virginia H.

Timothy D.
Rick & Donna H.
Craig B.
Rock & Amy B.
Tom & Cathy D.
George K.
Tom P.
Carole S.
Richard & Magli S. 

James & Barbara C.
Jeff D.
Mark H.
Gregory K.
Debbie L.
June L.
Angela & Kyle M.
Dennis & Lindsey S.
Robin Smith-H.
Chuck S.
Tim & Paula W.
Mark B.
Mitch B.
Justin & Melissa B.
Saadiah F.
Bill & Mary G.
Anthony J.
Steve R.
Stephen & Kelly R.
Bill & Leslie S.
David S.
Kieffer & B.
Take A Virtual Tour
Have you wanted to see an Oliver but just haven't setup a Field Visit yet or maybe you live further away than you wish to travel to see one? We have setup a virtual tour to help you look around the Ollie.

Click the button below and you will find an interactive virtual tour of the Oliver Legacy Elite, Legacy Elite II Standard Floor Plan & Twin Bed models.
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Regular Inspection
& Maintenance
By: Jason Essary, Service Manager
There are several different types of maintenance on an RV. You have daily, weekly, monthly and yearly types of maintenance but then there are other types of maintenance that you might do based on usage and/or the environment that you’re in. In this article we are going to cover maintenance items that should be performed or inspected more of an as needed basis. Some of the items you might see with a quick visual inspection while others might require the removal of an item to perform the inspection.
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40th Annual Oktoberfest
Celebrate the traditions of the Oktoberfest in the heart of Music City Nashville! Admission is free, so come join us!

Spanning 10 city blocks, over a quarter of a million people will attend the 40th Annual Nashville Oktoberfest.

Oktoberfest has something for EVERYONE!

Delicious German foods from dozens of restaurants & vendors, world-class beer, tons of events, Arts & Crafts vendors, live German music, the Dachshund Derby, an enormous parade through downtown – plus so much more!
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Trip Planning
Denali National Park
Denali is six million acres of wild land, bisected by one ribbon of road.

Travelers along it see the relatively low-elevation taiga forest give way to high alpine tundra and snowy mountains, culminating in North America's tallest peak, 20,310' Denali. Wild animals large and small roam unfenced lands, living as they have for ages.
Plan A Trip!
Foil Pack Grilled Salmon
with Lemony Asparagus
"These super-fresh salmon grill packs make clean-up a breeze!"

Total: 20 Minutes

Prep: 10 min

Cook: 10 min

Servings: 4
Get The Recipe!
Monthly Trivia
Last Month's Trivia:
September 5, 1774: The 1st Continental Congress was called to order. Comprised of delegates from all 13 American colonies, it served as the governing body during the American Revolution, from 1774 to 1789. Two years later, on September 9, it changed the name of the United Colonies to ________________?*

 *What did the name change to?

On September 9, 1776, the Continental Congress formally declares the name of the new nation to be the “United States” of America. This replaced the term “United Colonies,” which had been in general use.

This Months Trivia:
The first full Moon in October is called _________________?
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My husband and I are still impressed with the quality of our new Oliver and the excellent service we received from first contact through pick-up and beyond. This is a top notch company with a superior product. We could not be happier.
- Linda B.
Oliver Owner
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In Closing
On behalf of Oliver Team and Family we'd like to thank you for your interest in Oliver Travel Trailers.

We look forward to helping you learn more about the Oliver difference. Feel free ask us any questions you may have at this time or if you would like more information please give us a call at 1-888-526-3978.

We encourage you to research further, you will like what you see in an Oliver Travel Trailer. Visit our website at olivertraveltrailers.com to see more and schedule a plant tour or field visit. Happy Trails from Hohenwald, TN, USA!