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Travel trailers reign supreme as the top choice for RVers. With a trustworthy commitment to high-quality and craftsmanship, Oliver's travel trailers provide comfort of home, durability, and dependability. You can trust us to provide your perfect travel companion for all your adventures.

Legacy of Innovation and Craftsmanship

Travel Trailer
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At Oliver Travel Trailers, our commitment to excellence ensures that every Oliver is not just a camper but a companion for a lifetime of adventures. Each model requires over 400 hours from start to finish. We don't just build travel trailers; we create masterpieces constructed to withstand the test of time.

What sets Oliver Travel Trailers apart are our key innovations. The double Fiberglass Shell and Off-Grid capabilities are not just features; they embody our commitment to innovation. With precision craftsmanship, intelligent technology integration, and a focus on Four-Season capabilities, an Oliver is a legacy that can be passed down for generations.

Refrain from settling for the ordinary when you can choose the extraordinary with an Oliver Travel Trailer. Join the Oliver family and take a voyage of a lifetime of memorable adventures, and experience the difference for yourself.

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    Unleash the spirit of adventure in you with our convenient and comfortable camping trailer.

    Endless roads, breathtaking landscapes, starry nights, stories around campfires, and the freedom to explore. Stop dreaming and start living.

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  • RV Feature Upgrades

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    Never Settle for Less

    With an Oliver camper, you're investing in a lifestyle of endless excitement and discovery.

    Don't limit your adventure. Don't settle for less. Transform your travel dreams into reality with the best RV. It's time to embrace the extraordinary!

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Legacy Elite 18 Foot Trailer

Legacy Elite Single Axle Travel Trailer

Starting at $69,995 without Tax Credit

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The Legacy Elite is our 18' 5" single-axle trailer, available in a standard floor plan with a rear dining table that converts to a bed, kitchen, bathroom with toilet, vanity, sink, and shower.

You can personalize your Oliver with decor, packages, add-ons, and upgrades.

GVWR 5,000 lbs.
Dry Weight (Approximate) 3,700 lbs.
Outside Length 18' 5"
Outside Height to top of AC 9' 2"
Outside Width 6' 6"
Inside Height 6' 1"
Seats Up to 6
Sleeps Up to 3
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Legacy Elite II 23 Foot Trailer

Legacy Elite II Tandem Axle Travel Trailer

Starting at $79,995 without Tax Credit

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The Legacy Elite II is our 23' 6" tandem axle trailer. It is available in two floorplans: a standard or twin bed with a complete kitchen and a full bathroom with a toilet, vanity, sink, and shower.

Personalize your Ollie with your choice of decor, package options, and upgrades.

GVWR 7,000 lbs.
Dry Weight (Approximate) 4,900 lbs.
Outside Length 23' 6"
Outside Height to top of AC 9' 8"
Outside Width 7'
Inside Height 6' 6"
Seats Up to 6
Sleeps Up to 3
Explore the Legacy Elite II

Features & Benefits

Oliver Comes with More Standards than Most Other Brands

  1. Direct Communication, a Hassle-Free Oliver Experience, and First-Class Customer Service

  2. Five-Year Warranty on the Fiberglass Body and Aluminum Chassis, Two-Year Warranty on All Components Manufactured and Installed by Oliver, and One-year Warranty On Components, as well as Extended Continual Support from Us and Through Our Dealership Partners Nationwide. The warranty is to the original retail purchaser and is non-transferrable.

  3. Doubled-Hulled Fiberglass Shell with Fully Enclosed Tanks, Plumbing, Ducts, and Mechanical Systems

  4. Aluminum Frame - Heavy Duty Anode Protected Aircraft Grade Aluminum Frame and Steps Using 6061 Aluminum Equipped With Zinc Anodes to Help Resist Corrosion

  5. Enclosed Plumbing, Holding Tanks, and Drain Pipes with Heat to Prevent Freezing, Four Season Camping Ready

  6. Aerodynamically Designed for Easy Towing and Efficiency

  7. Precision Crafted Interior Molded Fiberglass

  • Large Water Tanks - 32 Gallon Fresh Water Tank, 32 Gallon Grey Tank and 15 Gallon Black Tank

  • Dometic High-Efficiency AC 11,000 BTU Comes Standard on the Legacy Elite & Legacy Elite II

  • Premium Aluminum Rims with 10-ply Tires, Black “Rock Guard” Wheel Well Lining & Full Size Spare Tire

  • Sliding Thermal Pane Windows with Sliding Screens & Day/Night Shades

  • Dexter Leaf Spring "Nev-R-Lube" Axle with “Nev-R-Adjust” Electric Brakes for Exceptional Control & Braking, with Gas Shocks

  • Luxurious Bed in Comparison to Other Brand's Models

  • Many Décor Options to Choose

  • Three-Way Electric Power Stabilizing Jacks

  • EZ RV Winterizing System

  • Quality that's Built to Last for Generations

  • Quality Meets Luxury

    One of a Kind

    When you buy an Oliver, you're gaining a Legacy you can pass down for generations. At a competitive price, Olivers are Built to Last a Lifetime and More, and we stand behind our travel trailers.

    towable camper trailers
    Travel Trailer Options and Package Upgrades

    Personalize Your Oliver

    Premium and Platinum Packages

    Camp like never before with our new Premium and Platinum Packages, designed to take your stay to the next level. Our new packages include lithium batteries and solar panels as well as many other of our best features from previous year's models, these new packages enhance your camping experience and allow you to go beyond traditional camp sites.

    Owner Video Testimonial

    Disclaimer: The Oliver trailer owners in the testimonial videos have freely shared their experience with Oliver. They are real owners and have not been compensated for their review.
    • Chris's First-Year Review

      For close to a year, Chris and Stacie have cherished their ownership of the Legacy Elite II. The couple has taken part in the Oliver Owner's Rally, traveled to different states in their Oliver, and enjoyed conversations with fellow enthusiasts. Chris recently made a trip to headquarters for maintenance and used the chance to talk about his Oliver experience.

      See More Owners' Reviews
    • Jim & Sheri's Big Adventures

      Jim & Sheri Moon sat down to share their journey to find their perfect travel trailer. They did a lot of work, research, and looked at different brands. Finally, they chose the Oliver Travel Trailer Legacy Elite II.

      Jim gives excellent advice to people considering buying an Oliver. Doing your research can be one of the best ways to determine what works best for you and your style of travel.

    Legacy Elite II

    Walkthrough Tour

    Embark on a virtual tour as we showcase the exciting features and classic design that makes an Oliver Travel Trailer a true legacy in the RV industry.

    Join us as Jason, Oliver's Service Manager, walks you through the 2024 Oliver Legacy Elite II Trailer. From the hitch to the bumper and everything in between, we'll explore the impeccable fit and finish that sets these trailers apart from the rest.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is a Travel Trailer?

    A travel trailer is a type of recreational vehicle (RV) towed behind a vehicle. It is equipped with amenities such as sleeping areas, a kitchen with a dinette, a stove and microwave, a bathroom with all the amenities, and a living space.

    Travel trailers, with their diverse sizes and layouts, cater to the needs of individuals, couples, families, and larger groups. They can also detach from the towing vehicle, empowering you with the freedom to explore and maneuver easily once parked at a campsite or camping destination.

    Travel trailers, ideal for adventure and freedom, are a popular choice for camping, road trips, and other outdoor adventures. They offer a convenient and comfortable way to travel, ranging from basic models with essential amenities to luxury models with all the comforts of home. They are the perfect option for those seeking the thrill and excitement of RV travel.

    What Makes Oliver Different from other Travel Trailers and Campers?

    Several unique features distinguish us from our RV industry peers:

    • Oliver Does Not Incorporate Wood in the Construction of the Roof, Exterior Walls, or Floor; instead uses a Molded Fiberglass Design
    • No Wood Eliminates Concerns about Wood Decay
    • Heavy Duty Anode Protected Aircraft Grade Aluminum Frame - Longer Lifespan and Lighter Weight
    • Constructing Our Hull from Four Individual Fiberglass One-Piece Composite Shells - Enhances Structural Strength, Better Insulation, and Weather Resistance

    At Oliver, we are committed to providing exceptional value to our customers. Many standard features on our trailer RVs are viewed as upgrades in competitor models. We want you to feel that you're getting more for your money without having to pay extra for features that should be standard. With Oliver, you're not just buying an RV; you're making a smart investment in quality and value.

    At Oliver, we listen to our customers and strive to meet their needs. We took the most popular bought options and upgrades from previous year models and added them to new premium and platinum series packages. These exclusive characteristics and many more uniquely position Oliver in the travel trailer sector. We value your feedback and use it to continuously improve our products, ensuring that you get the best RV experience possible.

    Is Oliver Good for Four Season Camping?

    An Oliver Travel Trailer is designed to withstand extreme temperatures, making it an ideal RV for those who wish to venture into hot or subzero conditions.

    • Enclosed Design of All Water Lines, Appliances, and Tanks within the Lower Shell Provide Exceptional Weather Protection from the Cold or Heat
    • Double-Hull Fiberglass Shell with Installation (4 Individual Shells)
    • Fully Enclosed And Heated Underbelly
    • Ducted Furnace
    • Double Pane Windows

    You will not find a better design that provides the level of protection that the Oliver camper provides.

    Is an Oliver Fiberglass Camper High-Quality and Dependable?

    Travel trailers are a favored choice among rvers and enthusiasts. Oliver campers stand out due to their distinct construction methods, high-quality standards, premium materials, and technologies. This ensures superior quality and dependability. Oliver travel trailer's notable standard features encompass the following:

    • EZ RV Winterizing System
    • Dexter E-Z Flex Suspension
    • Powered Pro Awning with LED light Strip, Wind Sensor, Remote, and Upgraded Canvas
    • "Mighty-Mini" Intellipower Converter With Built In Charge Wizard
    • Three-Point Power Stabilizing Jack System
    • Custom Enclosed Slide-Out Battery Storage Includes Group 27 Deep Cycle 12v Batteries
    • 2-Way Compressor Refrigerator
    • Monitoring System for Propane, Water Tanks, and Batteries
    • 2 Way Self Igniting Water Heater

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