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Oliver Newsletter
Issue 8Volume 6August 2021

2022 Oliver Owners' Rally

We are happy to announce that the 2022 Oliver Owners Rally will be hosted at Lake Guntersville State Park in Guntersville, Alabama.

Lake Guntersville State Park features stunning views that marry the pristine lake waters with the southern foothills of the Appalachian Mountains.

Registration will be open to owners and to the public. Dates, Price, Registration and Reservataions to be announced when they become available.
Oliver Design Benefits
The Oliver Travel Trailers' design was inspired by years of using other travel trailers and making every aspect better.

The Oliver is built with a higher quality, more efficiency and easier to use and maintain. See the information below about how the design of our trailers will benefit you.

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Towing Tips to Improve Safety on the Road
Camper 101: Towing Safety

We have put together some great Towing Tips to help you with your travels! While the thought of setting off on a travel expedition in your personal travel trailer is enticing, the task of towing it can be daunting. The process may not entirely be nerve-wracking but a step up in complexity from driving a solo vehicle and it also requires you to practice maneuvers before you begin piloting the big rig.
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See An Ollie In Your Area
If you are interested in viewing one of our customers' Oliver Travel Trailers in your area, then this is the option you want. Simply click the button below and fill out the short form. Our field visit coordinator will then call you to set up a visit that best suits your request.
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Welcome To The Family
Cameron & Chris C.
Mark & Kathleen S.
Mary V. & Steven M.
Patrick M.
Steven M.
Wayne & Amy C.
Oliver Owner Anniversaries
John H.
Katherine J.
Horace & Dianne P.
John L.
David J.
Andrea P.
Steven H.

Phillip D.
William & Jean F.
Paolo T.
Edward C.
Todd & Sherri S.
David A.
Jim Z.
Randall S.
David & Kim T.
Holly & Michael K.
Gary & Krista W.
Dale M.
Pat E.
Charles & Maureen S.
Marcia E.
Adam W.
Donna & Mark M.
Garry G.
Kenneth S.
Clark L.
Sharon S.
Mike & Sharon G.
Kim & Guss S.
Dana S.
Craig S.
Larry & Wanda H.
Steve M.
Harold & Sue H.
James & Myra S.
John F.
Steve & Mary J.
Don & Lynn W.
Cindy & Les B.
Joe & Lisa H.
Robert & Cheryl A.
Collier S.

Mark T.
Kyle L.
John H.
Steven & Lornie K.
Paget M.
Martha Z.
David & Shiloa R.
Tom & Susette C.
Ken & Vicki M.
Take A Virtual Tour
Have you wanted to see an Oliver but haven't set up a Field Visit yet, or maybe you live further away than you wish to travel to see one?

We have set up a virtual tour to help you look around the Ollie.

Click the button below, and you will find an interactive virtual tour of the Oliver Legacy Elite, Legacy Elite II Standard Floor Plan & Twin Bed models.

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Decalcification - Hard Water Buildup - Loss of Water Pressure
By: Jason Essary, Service Manager
All water contains dissolved minerals and nutrients, but some sources of water contain more minerals than others. Water is considered hard when it contains high amounts of calcium-carbonate and magnesium. These minerals – in particular – have a high propensity to adhere to surfaces and form scale on surfaces the water comes into contact with, such as pipes and fixtures.
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Titanic Museum Attraction
@ Pigeon Forge
As the whole world remembers the world’s most famous luxury liner.

Titanic Museum Attraction in Pigeon Forge, Tn. will continue to open the door to the past in it’s one-of-a-kind way – letting “passengers” experience what it was like to walk the hallways, parlors, cabins and Grand. As visitors touch a real iceberg, walk the Grand Staircase and third class hallways, reach their hands into 28-degree water, and try to stand on the sloping decks, they learn what it was like on the RMS Titanic by experiencing it first-hand.

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Trip Planning
Stargazing at Acadia
They say location is everything, and when it comes to night skies that is so true. Out here on the rugged Maine coastline and far from the great eastern metropolises, Mount Desert Island and Acadia National Park have clear, bright night skies.

The night sky is one aspect of our environment that everyone across the world can experience. It is a resource that humans throughout time have looked to as both a mode of navigation and a realm for the spiritual. Though the night sky at Acadia looks a little different than the night sky in the Southern Hemisphere, everyone has the access to gaze up into what lies beyond our planet. Stargazing is a great way to experience nature, explore science, and ponder history.
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Firey Campfire Vegetables
Fresh sweet veggies are placed on the grill in a cast iron skillet, drizzled with olive oil and sriracha, and then sprinkled with more fire with crushed red pepper flakes, before being toasted to perfection. The end result is sweet and spicy tender veggies with a hint of the grill and a bit of crispity crunch.

Total: 35 Minutes

Prep: 20 Minutes

Cook: 10-15 Minutes

Yields: 6

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Monthly Trivia
Last Month's Trivia:
1782 – George Washington ordered the creation of the Badge of ____________ to honor soldiers wounded in battle. It is later renamed to the more poetic Purple Heart.

a) Badge of Military Merit
b) Badge of Wounded Military
c) Wounded Warriors Badge
d) None of the above

a) Badge of Military Merit

This Months Trivia:
________________ was an American frontiersman, U.S. House of Representatives (1827-31, 1833-35, Tennessee). Known as the "King of the Wild Frontier". He died at the Fall of the Alamo.
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“My experience with Oliver Travel Trailers was exemplary from the beginning. When I was exploring whether to purchase an Oliver travel trailer or not, the company's program to connect potential customers with Oliver owners was key. I was able to to see the quality of the product and most importantly, was able to speak with an actual owner and ask questions about their experience. The sales staff were professional and made sure the process was as smooth as possible. The Oliver website was another factor in my decision. It was easy to navigate and provided the information I needed. I was also impressed by having the Oliver Owners's Forum included on the website. By reading the questions and comments provided by owners as well as Oliver employees, I could see that the company stands behind their travel trailers.”
- Robert, NC, USA
Oliver Owner
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In Closing
On behalf of the Oliver Team and Family, we'd like to thank you for your interest in Oliver Travel Trailers.

We look forward to helping you learn more about the Oliver difference. Feel free to ask us any questions you may have at this time, or if you would like more information, please give us a call at 1-888-526-3978.

We encourage you to research further because you will like what you see in an Oliver Travel Trailer. Visit our website at olivertraveltrailers.com to see more and schedule a plant tour or field visit. Happy Trails from Hohenwald, TN, USA!